Monday, December 6, 2010

Burning Trash, our own barrel!


There was a time that a 50 gal drum was a fixture at about every house. The trash went in and was burned. We still had trash dumps (landfills, that is, does that make any sense, but it is politically correct) but they weren’t as large and they also burned the trash, then bulldozed it under.


(Some folks would require two barrels, Richer folks could burn trash in a decorative barrel)

We have so much disposable stuff today that is about impossible. Most of the time back in ‘those’ days a home would not fill a 50 gal drum with trash. Now a family with a new baby would fill it with disposable diapers. Speaking of that, I might envy the diapers a little, but we sure saved a bundle by washing cotton diapers. The diaper pail did smell a little. I have washed many a mess down the commode and rinsed the diaper there. I never stopped up the commode with one.


(But burning at night used to be the most fun!)


(Someone who was the recipient of an accidental ‘golden shower’ created the ‘TeePee shown above!)

At the reunion we just had in Biloxi, Bill Waters was telling everybody about seeing Jackie pee in my face while I was changing the diaper. That was true. And then Mark (the second son) got me in the ear once. I am sure everyone with baby boys have had similar or near miss experiences to tell about.


(Never thought of this one! Might need this idea when I run our of depends!)

Somehow I think we could still do that is small towns, but even in small towns you have the elite who would not dirty their hands to burn trash.

Anyway I think it is a good idea for us small town folk.

We travelers could even burn our trash in camp fires, but that upsets folks and there are rules against it everywhere.

It was just a thought; maybe with this entire newfangled throw away stuff like foam cups, plates and plastic ware it is not a good idea. But neither is burying stuff that takes a 100 years to deteriorate. Oh well, it is hard to cover everything.

Thanks for stopping by to read this junk or trash, Hey did you see the comment from Bonnie Knox, wow! Thanks Bonnie did not know you were around. Now I will have to watch my language. Nah, great to have you. Bonnie is a strong participant in a forum I take part in, call Actscelerate.

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Fred Alton said...

Well, now I've read some trash before - but never on this level. It's quite paradoxical (in my opinion) that they issue us more burnable throw-away materials these days - then won't let us burn it. It's like making some written trash available and then arresting anyone who reads it! Do you understand that? I always loved a camp-fire but the burn results in most trash barrels always stunk to me.

Sheila Y said...

Jack, I didn't know you could talk so trashy...ha. I love sitting around a campfire too. Have a great week, Stay warm...BWWAAHAHAHAHA
Love from further north in NC ;)

Glenda said...

Wish I had that decorative barrel sitting on the patio full of firewood right now--love it! It's COLD in Chobee and getting colder by the minute, freeze warning on big time in South Central FL. Stay warm you two. Glenda

shirl72 said...

I can fill up one bag just cooking a meal.
Things that come out of a box or a bag.
Just one person I should not have much trash but it is the way everything is packaged. What a
good way to talk trash.


Dar said...

Veddy in-ta-desting! Well done. Way up here, where you would think no one could give a rip, everyone looks out for the bad guy who is doing the wrong Green thinking...we burn all our paper trash anyway, in the firepit at the cabin. It sure doesn't emit what the mill emits...gets bad sometimes even with OSHA keeping them honest.

I could go for a good hot fire right now, it's 11 degrees with a zero wind-chill...brrr is just beginning. It will get worse once that full moon rolls around again on the 21st. Stay warm in the 20 degree weather we refer to as a ' heat wave ' up here.

I love, Love, LOVE Elliott's prayer.


Paula said...

we had a rusty barrel when we lived at the ranch to burn trash in. I even picked up trash along the highway. I recycled alumnim cans, burned trash, and snuck the rest into town and put it out with someone's garbage. I liked to burn trash (does that make me a fire bug) but had to make sure the wind wasn't blowing as a fire out there could be devastating.

betty said...

I know we can't have any types of burns like this here in Southern California. No controlled burns at all. I think most parents with little boys sure learn the "hard" or "wet" way what they are capable of when changing diapers! But WTG Jack for changing those diapers, and cloth ones too! that is great to hear!!!

enjoy your day on Tuesday!