Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving, better late than never!! (Entry 1 of 3)


I just wanted to take the time to say to you guys who regularly read this stuff, THANKS. I know many of the family read but do not comment. And a faithful reader, Lindie, who kicks in every once in awhile; I was journaling along and had one comment in a year (from my son Jack), all of a sudden there is a comment from a beautiful lady called Lindie. She was also the first to give my books a great review.

I have noticed FrankandMary has been dropping by. I like that lady. My last comment of the day is usually Betty from the West coast, pretending to be a Corgi! And there is Monica, who says she has mindless entries. She is sometimes late since she too is on West coast time.

I miss Sam, but catch Bill sometimes, I like old guys. Haha! Thanks guys. Hi Vickie and Glenda who comment every once in awhile. Vickie is an Air Plane mechanic and Glenda is my Okeechobee girlfriend. Right now she doesn’t have time to eat, one busy lady. Since I am in the sunshine state, There is that wonderful sexy Rose, LOVE YOU GIRL. Thanks for the time you spend here.

Thanks Lucy, everyone knows Luce, she is the lady from the mid west that has the wonderful husband (my buddy Joe). Thanks Lucy for not being tooooo nasty to me. LOL She coulda been the smart aleck cook (maybe) in my first book, STICKY, reckon?

Robert from Athens, he has many pictures that bring back memories of a city I visited as a Jarhead and a Swabbie. Thanks Robert.

Most folks here know Paula, the wanna be cowgirl, who brightens our lives with Country tales. She also helped me write a children’s book called “Toby’s Tales”, and she was the inspiration of a Turtle as the narrator. Her poems grace the book. Thanks to you Paula.

There is Helen who pops in, and also Jean. A beautiful lady who still looks like the teenie booper shown on Sheila’s Southern Comfort. So while I am there, thanks Sheila for all the comments, we sure hope to get up to see you guys sometime and take you out for lunch or dinner, see if you can find something like ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’.

The Kentuckians, Ora and Mixon (a Chaplain you gotta love), Terri & Jeff, Debbie and my buddy Gary. We met these folks while in Kaintuck. Lovely folk, ones you have to love. Debbie named my book ‘Gracefully Grasping for Dignity’ and Ora gave me so much encouragement and advice on my hearing loss. Love you guys.

Thanks to My re-newed friendship of Fred Alton. Many memories there. And there is Yvette from just over a mt. from Fred at Coker Creek. She is the real Jack Darnell’s publisher, THANKS ‘Y’.

We always welcome and Thank Sonya from the Tennessee area also. She has a great husband, daughter and a dog(?) Tugie. Haha.

Mel from, Honey I’m Home, going to College soon, I always appreciate her input, but she can be a little nasty (I never am!). Thanks Girl! Get that education and GET SMART!

I will continue tomorrow, I wanted take time to be thankful for you guys.

Nite Shipslog

PS:  I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

   Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.


Actual note to God from a child:



Fred Alton said...

Jack, you know I am thankful for your friendship. Words fail me. I'm not the gifted writer like you are - but just want to say that I like you and Sherry and count our friendship as one of life's rare treasures. I picked up my Harvest from the Butcher's shop today! Ready for some deer steaks? Or maybe some deer chili...

Anonymous said...

Once again you were able to spell 'thankfulness' with many a names. Please have you all a good start into the weekend.

Paula said...

I'm so thankful I met you and Sherry here. Thank you for including me in your book. Always look forward to your input in comments and your entries.

Dar said...

Aren't friendships wonderful~~~who ever would have thought that cyberspace would hold so many hearts in one place. Wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sheila Y said...

I am thankful that I met you and Sherry through your blog. You share with us your love for each other, and take us with you in your travels. Of course we can't forget Shirl, Lucy and I have to help her keep you straight. You are all a wonderful, caring family. I look forward to meeting you all in person. (I'm still trying to talk myself into going to Christmas town.) Love ya, Sheila

betty said...

What a great entry, Jack! Fantastic way to say thanks to all your and Sherry's friends who read your blog! I usually read blogs first thing in the morning before work, on my lunch break, and then in the evening, so usually your's is on my evening Dashboard, that's why I think I'm usually your last comment for the day, very rarely am I the first, but no matter where I fall, it is always a joy to read what is going on in your and Sherry's lives :)


Melanie said...

Awwwwww you are so welcome....I love to read you blog Jack.....And you are NEVER

Love ya'

Rose said...

What a charming Post this was! Wow, how you described everyone was enchanting and special.

Was that "Sexy Rose" meant for me???? To be considered "sexy" at my age gave me an extra skip in my step today! LOL

I've said it many times in the past and will say it and Sherry are my favorite couple!

Hugs, Rose

Debbie said...

Isn't it nice to know you have so many folks who enjoy reading your blog and those who have met you & Sherry in person have been extra blessed to have been able to meet you guys. And it would have been wonderful to meet Shirl too.

Jack you did a great job of remembering everyone in your thankful entries. Thanks for adding us to your list.

Love ya'll