Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FLORIDA WHERE it is warm!!!


We have lived in Florida (if Key West counts as Florida, LOL) as residents for about ten or 12 years. Renting in Key West and owning in Tavares. We have visited Florida when it was Fla. We have always encountered some cold snaps, but what we have been hearing is not funny, it has been cold here. Remember citrus and veggies don’t care for cold. I am sure the farmers and workers are sweating(?) wondering what they are gonna do when the cold gets the blossoms on the plants. But upon arrival we are greeted with 70’s weather, BEAUTIFUL!

scanoldpic7 042

(This is Mark and Sherry in Key West. I bought that ‘55 Chevy for $50 the radiator was ruined, but it was copper, I sold the busted Radiator for $75, so I made $25 on the deal!)

Florida is still beautiful and it is nice to be in our own home even though it does roll, it is our home. We still smile when folks invite us to visit and stay in a ‘real’ house and bed. This is a real house, it just has an engine and it you would ever really get disgusted with your neighbors all one has to do is start the engine and move. I can’t remember a time that has happened though. I think my friend Don wanted to once when his neighbor heated up his keyboard and amp and serenaded the neighborhood. HA!

We think of a ‘real’ home every once in awhile for a few minutes, then say , nah! Not yet! Yeah we could move in next door to Shirl, no, that would cramp her style!! Ha! This is too much fun now. An old man and a sweet chick just driving around seeing some of our great country and meeting some of the most wonderful folk. I hear Woody and Anna Mae are heading for Okee if things go well medically, that would be good to get down to see them.

Oh yeah, and that sexy lady called Rose, we just might get to see her also. No, we can’t park just yet. Seems like there is still too much to do and see.. Oh I want to show you something. How do you like this house?

Snow and leaving town 027

Folks, at one time that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (Next to Sherry, of course). It was the first House I ever built. I drove every nail, cut every board, laid every block, dug every inch of the footer and laid every block.  Wired every outlet and plumbed every fixture. I did not install the furnace, I hired it done. To most folks it don’t look like much.

When the lady bought that little house it had a full garden in the back. Corn, okra, tomatoes and green beans. She asked me why I sold it so cheap.  I told her I did not think it was cheap. I had kept my hours and charged $10 an hour + land and material.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but to me it was the beginning of a dream. I did become a builder. This is four of the last houses I built.

Snow and leaving town 030Snow and leaving town 032

Snow and leaving town 033Snow and leaving town 034I actually did build a couple big houses, but this is the size I prefer. (these just happened to be close by)


Thanks for coming by the log.

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PS: The good parent, gives good advice! This was Jimmy’s dad’s first driving advice!



Helen said...

So you have made it to FL. Glad that the weather is warm down there. You have built some beautiful homes. I know when you built the first one it was probably big back in those days and you had a right to be proud of it. At least no high heating or air conditioner bills. Helen

Lindie said...

If I had my choice I would live in an RV but it seems a lonely life for one. I am visiting San Antonio right now for two weeks and enjoying weaqther that is warmer than Missouri. Going to go sit by the Gulf tomorrow and smell the sea air.

~mel said...

We had 39 degrees today ~ our heat wave continues!

I like the first "house that Jack built" ~ it will always be a special place for you. I'm amazed it's still standing, it must be really REALLY OLD ... JUST KIDDING!!!! I'm sure it will be standing right along side all the other places you built for centuries from now.

I certainly understand that feeling you have about it ~ the place that we live in now is "our place" ... trees from our woods, our sweat and muscles clearing the land, our hammer and nails, our placing the blocks and pouring cement, our landscaping, etc...


Fred Alton said...

I loved seeing the pictures of some of your work. I believe I understand the emotions attached to that first one too...although I never built one totally by myself. We've just come in from two nights in Gatlinburg as Frances' brother's condo. It is a beautiful place just two blocks from the Convention Center, yet close to mountain hiking trails. They got much more snow than we did on Christmas - and had some of the vacationers trapped and running low on food and meds. Enjoy your mobility and soak up some extra sunshine for me. ☺

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad it warmed up for your arrival there. I'd like your life style. A home that moves would be wonderful. When you get tired of driving all you have to do is find a place to park it and there are always plenty of nice places for that. My home on wheels doesn't travel however. It stays permanently parked and gets closed up every winter. My little Ford couldn't pull it around that is for sure.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, Jack, a builder as well. Great looking homes. Your're lucky you got to Florida in time for some good weather. It's been lousy cold for a while.

Happy New Year!


shirl72 said...

I would not mind you living beside me. I think
it would be fun. We could share a lot of meals
and have lots of conversations. Smoky wishes you would hurry up and settle back here. We never know what tomorrow will bring just take
it one day at a time. Glad you got to FL. and
hope it is warmer. We are going to have 50 and 60 this week-end. Hope the fruit will be OK.


Paula said...

Interesting to see the houses Jack built. I'll bet it was a good feeling when you were finished

Sherry said...

Warm where in Fl? In Jaxs it's stillin the 30's, glad yall are back and love your blog......... Sherry

Sherry said...

I love how you love your Sherry, all women should be so lucky.......... Sherry , I would hope all women find someone like you and her... just from you talking about your feelings of her , make her someone that's made you a better man