Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just a mix-up or misunderstanding

Ever have a mix-up? Simple thing, we decided to have pizza for us and the boys tonight. We called an order into Pizza Hut (Our favorite pizza place). A little later Luke, driving, Sherry and Mark riding I stayed to watch the fire and homestead. Matt is off with his friend Linc. (Lincoln) No body home but me and MJ. I walked around the house for some reason and see a Pizza Delivery car. I went on around to the front door and there he stood with the order.


“This was supposed to be pick-up not delivery!”

“Well they sent it out.” He says. So I paid him and gave a tip, he left.

Now my only means of communication is e-mail. No phone for me. MJ is deaf too so she didn’t even know the guy was at the door. We sat around figuring Sherry would be back with the crew soon. Nada….

In about ten minutes Matt and Linc come in. I asked Matt to call Grandma. She and the crew were still sitting at Pizza waiting for the pizza to come out. I am sure Glad Matt came in or ‘The go-get crew’ would still be sitting there. Hahaha!

All is well that ends well, the pizza was good and it was still hot.

Sometimes just a small misunderstanding can be blown out of proportion. It is funny how I have changed with age; it was not that big a deal.

I guess that ain’t as bad as Paula’s Senior citizen birds who can’t find her new feeder.


Or Lucy fighting Windows 7 and living with Joe. Or Rose’s mirror wall coming loose. Or Glenda’s new Mango tree about getting frozen. Or Linda (BRboomer) who can’t get out to get cat and dog food because of the ice, so the animals are soliciting over the net, Or Betty who is fighting the 85 degree weather in Southern California. Or Fred having to eat Venison for Christmas. Or Ora having to take the new member of the family out to ‘P’ (and more).

puppy in snow

Or Sonya putting up with the kitchen painting this time of the year, Or Robert dealing with the transportation strikes in Athens. Or Allie shopping for a dress with the grand daughter and can’t find it (‘til later), Or Dar with 23 people home at once, OR Mel who chases mice thru the house and under a door, Or Cher who has a Zoo in her back yard (of course that is a plus), Or Mary of FrankandMary whose blog ain’t been updated in a year, Or Jimmy who has to deal boughs of Holly, Jena, Maria and can’t find Area 51.


Or What’s his name whose Brain is in pain, Or ‘Y’ who is gallivanting around the Gulf Coast looking for herself, Or Mel, the bus rider up in Wisconsin who is trying to find her school but the bus don’t go there, Or Sheila who has become a famous Snow-Dancer but hasn’t been able to produce anything but ice so far(probably wearing too any clothes(She has been layered)),


Or ‘MA’ who has something new at her house everyday! Or Sister Shirl, the nun, who won’t update her blog because of pressing engagements (I think Smoky is doing the pressing).Or Sandra’s Happy ‘daze’ who ain’t been around much lately, Or Helen and Jean who are putting up with the great weather in Alabama whilest we in NC are freezing.


Hey if you are still here after over 600 words, thanks for coming,

Nite Shipslog


'Airspeed, altitude and brains. Two are always needed to successfully complete the flight.'
-Basic Flight Training Manual-


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like how you incorporated all the news of our fellow bloggers there today. I do miss Sandra of Happy Days and often think of her. I hope you all are keeping warm there and enjoy your Sunday!

Glenda said...

Jack, in my entire life (all six decades:) have
never met anyone who could take a simple thing like the delivery misunderstanding and create a tale that entertains, amazing! And now I'm craving
a slice or two of pizza...

~mel said...

I thought for sure Sherry and crew would be coming up right behind the delivery guy with another pizza. You are quite the story teller!

P.S. the mouse has left the house

Ally Lifewithally said...

I honestly thought another Pizza would turn up in the hands of Sherry :o) Happy Happy Holidays ~ Ally x

shirl72 said...

I am back and have got to read all the blogs I
missed. Will try to write an entry about going
to Dolly Wood and Titantic both very interesting.
They were crowds in the Mountains.


Melanie said...

Thanks I don't have to read any blogs tonight...~~~SIGH~~~

I think i will need a comission for all the times I get mentioned

Love sweetie

Helen said...

Ha great weather my foot. I am freezing even with the heat on at 69 and wearing a sweatshirt and pants. I have been freezing since cold weather has started. Baaaa LOL.

Lucy said...

Jack, you had me laughing like I never knew what windows7 was. That is right on target as far as me and Joe.

Anonymous said...

Food keeps body, mind and soul together. Once again a wonderful way of thoughts, melting these different subjects into a great entry of yours.

Please have you all a good new week.

Sheila Y said...

LOL...well I did manage to conjure up a little least it didn't take me 5 years like it did in Mobile...ha. Heading to South Bama tomorrow. Take care and stay warm, Sheila
PS. we had Pizza hut too...but we let them deliver... :)

betty said...

LOL Jack, now I'm not fighting 85 degree weather but rain and it is cold (if you call 60 degrees cold!) I think you did good not to get into the pizza until everyone came home; I could see a few pieces missing if the same thing happened here!!


Paula said...

Very often pizza delivery delivers to our door when it should be the exact house on the next street over. It has happened so many times I'm tempted to pay the guy and eat it but I think of the people next street over still waiting for their pizza. Very nice entry mentioning all of us bloggers. By the way the birds still ain't eating.

Fred Alton said...

What a story-teller you are! Loved the read. I'll be speaking at a funeral tomorrow - maybe then an up-date for my blog. Got a good vid of Mom quoting "Jonah and the Whale" that you're gonna love.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that puppy.
You can never have too much pizza, but glad it worked out correctly in the end.-

Dar said...

Fun, Fun, Funny entry...and, yes, there WERE 23 around my Christmas tree at the same, when we go to the farm, IF everyone were to come, there would be That's a houseful.
BlessYourHearts after all that Pizza