Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You probably haven’t noticed it’s Christmas-time!!

It is coming up on Christmas, just in case some of you haven’t noticed. I sat out at Mark’s house after supper yesterday and watched the news; he has closed Caption on for me. Sooooo I know if you watch TV you KNOW it is Christmas and everyone has something to sell you. I have seen this coming for a long time. This BIG DEBT Christmas we have grown into. It is the Center of all Retail business now, just the Christmas season.

old bicycle

There have always been a few folks who went all out and bought elaborate gifts they could not afford for Christmas presents. When that is done they feel they must do MORE the next Christmas. I read and mentioned it earlier that there are 17 million American families who are still paying on last year’s Christmas. To put one’s self under that stress is doing no one any good.

During my childhood (and before) most gifts given were reasonable, there were layaway plans folks took advantage of and paid for the gifts in advance. There were Christmas clubs where folks put back a dollar a week and drew it out the first of December and $50 would buy ALL the presents, and they were paid for.


(This has been on my Christmas list forever, reckon this is the year?)

More than once I have heard men say on the first of January, man, I shouldn’t have spent so much on Christmas, the Car insurance (or some recurring bill) is coming up and I will have to borrow to pay it. Later they see the ‘gifts’ lay untouched in rooms, yards or garages.

Fortunately we have never gone head over heels in debt for Christmas. Not that we were scrooges, but we knew it all had to be paid for. Some Mom’s and Dad’s cannot tell the kid(s), ‘this year we cannot afford that ‘blankety blank’ you want; it is just not possible and keep you in school clothes and food.’ I would think most kids could understand if it was explained.


(WOW! you would be surprised if you searched the web for pictures of a babydoll!)

Enough of the finance talk, what is the actual very best Christmas present you ever received? Did you ever have repetitive presents, like skates, yo-yos, Cowboy stuff, or baby dolls? Did you ever wear your skate wheels out and have to replace them? Oh, I don’t think I ever lost a skate key, did YOU? WOW, Did you ever get a bicycle?

roller skateshuffy-26inch-mens-panama-jack-cruiser-bicycle-matte-black_BG08555

I got two bicycles, one used in 1946 and a new J.C. Higgins bike in1950, man I was in hog heaven, it had a horn!

Thanks for coming here today! I appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

Admit that currently it's a bit difficult to obtain Christmas spirit over here, yet am trying ... surely one of the greatest current challenges. Thank you for the memories of a bike and me roller skates.
Please have you all a good Thursday.

Paula said...

I never never lost my skate key. It was always on that piece of dirty string.

shirl72 said...

Got all Christmas bought paid for and wrapped. Didn't spend lots of money but got nice gifts. We set a price and didn't go over it. I guess parents with small children can't do that. I did love my roller skates. When I got older I did
ice skate got a bike in my 30's. Those were
wonderful days. Merry Christmas.



BlueRidge Boomer said...

We started giving "home made" gifts several years's soooooo much fun seeing what you can come up with.....


betty said...

I have to admit when the kids were younger, we did go all out for Christmas, but what we charged were usually paid off within a month. I think the hardest gifts lately to buy are for hubby's elderly parents. In his search to find them something, we are now finding those exact things given in years past not used as he is de-cluttering their house. We told ourselves we are going to give permission to our son to not feel he has to buy us something just to have a gift for us at Christmas and to donate money to a worthy cause in our name instead.

I'm thinking my best gift, of course it would be God's gift of Jesus.

but something I unwrapped under the tree......I'll have to get back to you on that!

enjoy Thursday you two!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The best gifts under my family all wrapped up with smiles and lots of love. I guess there have been plenty of times I've not had the money to get everything they wanted but we always had a lot of love at out house and even though they are all grown and not at home now that remains the same.