Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rich Man, Poor man, Beggar man a thief

I had a guy working for me once who told my son, ‘All I am doing is making you and your dad rich.’  I have heard folks say (about a wealthy builder), ‘he doesn’t do a thing but drive around and collect money!’


We have this tax thing before congress, Us folk who make less than $250,000 are gonna keep our tax cuts. We have NEVER made close to that amount of money, but who ever earns it should be able to keep the same percentage I do. 

They earned it.

The only dumb rich person I have ever known inherited his/her money.

The only lazy rich person I have ever known was one who inherited the wealth.

There are poor folk who are lazy. They expect someone else to take care of them. They would rather sit and collect a gov’t check than work for any wage.

On the other end of the spectrum MOST poor folk will work at anything to keep bread on the table. There more reasons for being poor, more circumstances beyond one’s control. Accidents, bad health not being in the right place at the right time, taking the wrong job at a critical time, are just some of the reasons. There are folks who were rich, but now are broke and poor. There many poor folk who do not know they are poor until someone tells them. Most seniors today will say growing up they didn’t know they were as poor as they were.

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We crossed the Border into Bacias, Mexico, a VERY small town. I saw young children just as happy playing in houses with no front doors and dirt floors. They looked as happy as our grand kids who have, or have had, about anything they want. They had very little clothes and no toys, just things they called toys. The smiles and laughter were real.

It is funny what humans need to survive, it is very much less than we think is required, But it is usually work. I am not a big history buff, but I have read much on the pioneers who forged their way across this vast land. Many started with valuable family heirlooms on a wagon, but before reaching their destination realized those things didn’t mean as much as they thought. They found they could make their own furniture rather than kill the oxen pulling the weight on the wagon. Most started off poor and died poor, but many were happy.


Happiness is worth all the riches in the world. I have mentioned to Sherry that Elvis would have given millions of dollars to have lived until he was 50. Life is valuable, and life with happiness is what makes life on this planet VERY enjoyable. I hate to see folks endure life, rather than enjoying it. Our lives have had its ups and downs, but so many ups the downs are long forgotten.


We started life on a budget. A cigar box with little handmade packets or envelopes labeled with our life’s needs: Food, gas, rent etc. The budget was so tight we had a dollar a month to spend anyway we wanted. We had a ritual; our dollar bought a banana split and a round of miniature golf. BUT NO ONE IN THAT TRAILER PARK WAS HAPPIER!!!!

So we have been poorer, we never have been rich, (once it was within reach), but we decided to drop the building business when Sherry retired, sell or give away everything, and hit the road. No stress, no strain.

The best decision we ever made. Thanks for coming this way, I know you have more important stuff to do, but thanks.

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I remember the vows, ‘For richer, for poorer……..’

Shotgun wedding - A case of wife or death.


Anonymous said...

An outstanding entry of yours. Coming from a family where many times we did eat for three days the same, as it was cheaper to cook that much once, and re-heat it again; having walked with shoes found on the street, as they were still as new, i gladly sign this writing of yours.
Please have you all a peaceful Friday.

Fred Alton said...

Like many others, we were poor in this world's goods - but I didn't know it until I was grown and gone from home. We often didn't have the nickel we wanted but we were loved. We tried to help the poor folks around us in whatever way we could. Thinking back, it seems to me that everyone was poor. But as Abraham said to Isaac when the boy said to his father, "Here is the wood; and here is the fire; but where is the lamb for sacrifice? -- God WILL provide!" Do people make $250,000 per year? If they do and earn it honestly then, I agree with you, they should be able to keep the same percentage of their money that I keep.

shirl72 said...

You are right we didn't know we were poor
growing up because we never heard our parents
talk about not having enough. I always thought
Dad was rich. If I ask for a quarter he would
give it to me. We have wonderful memories to
look back on. I am thankful for a good life.


Paula said...

I'm not sorry I grew up the way I did, I think it makes me a better person. However I do wish John would get rid of that red neck entertainment center and buy a real one. lol

Dar said...

I never realized until I was on my own, just how rich we were, as a family. Love does not always pay the bills, but it sure helps. I came from a family of 9 kids, all in school at the same time, but not once did any of us feel like we were poor. Dad worked a mill job, raised our meat and veggies, raised mink and sheep for their fur and wool, Mom was and still is the best domestic engineer, managing home and us kids. Our folks never once left us feeling like we had to cut corners, tho we did, but just didn't know it. We wore each others clothes, most of which Mama made, and usually had new shoes, all 9 of us. What is poor? We had little money, but we were, by no means, poor. I always felt lucky to be from a large family, having a ball growing up on the farm, always with something to do, chores, play and just plain, living.
I love, Love, LOVE this entry Jack. You make me grateful just when I was wondering where the Christmas gift money is coming from for my GrandLoves...I think they will understand if there isn't much this year. Like Fred says, The Lord will provide. None of us will go hungry, that's for sure. OOPS, I got a bit carried away again. LoveUTwo

betty said...

I think rich brings a lot of headaches and I don't think it brings contentment. We can't take it with us when we die, yet some accumulate and cling to what they have, I think you made a wise decision to get out of the building business and pursue the life you guys are living. I'm sure you both want for nothing and all your needs are met :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No matter how much money you have or don't have the choice to be happy is always ours. I'm happy and I hope your Friday is a Happy one too!