Friday, December 10, 2010

Lottery, NUTS and Christmas



I did not win the lottery again; it takes only 6 correct numbers to win. You’d think I could get at least one right! But no, not me, I did not get one number right. I am beginning to think this is rigged. Hahahahahaha.

Oh well it wasn’t but 38 million, I guess it is meant for me to win next time when the prize will be more. Am I just greedy or what?

Not many folks win the lottery twice. As a friend once told me ‘you won the lottery when you got Sherry’, I guess winning the second time is expecting a lot. So why not be satisfied with the BEST prize, huh?

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Well I guess you are excited about Christmas. This is a great time of the year, my favorite. I have been singing to the top of my lungs while working out in the woods. I know the squirrels will be glad when Christmas is over.

Oh, I got a nasty e-mail from one of you out there about the Squirrels gathering a lot of nuts this year, and you were wondering if I was still around. I didn’t laugh, just wanted you to know (That is from one NUT to another.)


Churches used to give out sacks of fruit, candy and nuts. I always looked forward to that, do we still do that? I guess I will find out if we stay here until after Christmas.

skate key

About skate keys, ‘yeah we were always careful with that, usually around our necks. Paula said hers was on a dirty string, I can amen that.’

I hope you are well as we head into the Advent Season; this is a terrible time to be sick.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Note from a child to God:


Nan definitely has a point!!!!


jun said...

thats is a nice picture of you and sherry
you two have always worn your love and happiness on your faces. that is a very refreshing blessing for the rest of us to enjoy
i almost one the lottery once
while i took my grandson to the ladies room with me his mama was supposed to buy a ticket for me when she paid for the gas. play you kid's ages i said . for the second twin play a 7 because there are 7 of you.
i gave her the dollar
she got an easy pick instead
she came to me with the newspaper crying. all but one of the numbers i gave her came out!
it was HER age! i hugged her and comforted her. but i dont think she ever forgave herself.

Paula said...

Yeah I think you better be satisfied with the lottery You have already won (Sherry).

betty said...

our church doesn't give out anything at Christmas, but I'm thinking lots of churches had to cut back with economy, etc. Remember the "good old days" where every place you went they were giving away calendars?

too funny with you singing and it bothering the squirrels, everyone knows they are tone deaf :)

enjoy the weekend


Fred Alton said...

Jack, you definitely got better than the lottery when you got Sherry! Just as I did when I got Frances. Thank God for being one-time winners. It wouldn't hurt my feelings real bad tho if you won that 38 mil. ☻ In fact I'd be very happy for you. My chances are zilch, because I've never ever bought a ticket. Oh - on the churches giving out nuts and candy...I don't think even Tellico Plains does that. However, the S.S. class will each get some peanut brittle from me. Bought $50 dollars worth of it tonight - and we have our class party this Sunday at 5:00p. We're so glad you sung to the squirrels - cause now they've moved over to this side of the mountain and I'm having squirrel dumplings for our family Christmas party! ☻ ☻

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You and Sherry are winners for sure. How could it get any better than what you two have together! Our Church gives out calendars to everybody, then they do food baskets for the needy. They don't advertise it but the help is always there for those that could use it. I hope you both stay well too. So far so good here. Take care out there with those squirrels.

shirl72 said...

I remember when we were in the basement of the
Church and a sea of brown bags were open and Dad
gave us instructions what to put into the Christmas treats. An orange, apple, tangerines
candy and nuts. That was a such a wonderful experience. Our Parents were so in touch
with the world and what was needed to make people
happy. Jack I am so thankful for a wonderful
Mother and Dad. A little nostalgia.


Helen said...

Great picture of a great couple. My daughter said to tell you two hello when she read your comment on my blog. Just go ahead and win a larger lottery. You have plenty of friends plus family to share with.

~mel said...

You're just the cutest little couple ~ but I know you already knew that. I had to laugh at Fred's comment about the squirrel dumplings! You just keep on singing!! AND if your squirrels disappear ~ come up to my neck of the woods and sing to mine. I don't think they're tone deaf up hear ~ they'll just laugh at you and start dancing.

~mel said...

oops... spelling error
I meant "up here" not "hear"