Friday, March 16, 2012

Affection and loyal

My Aunt Ann (Annie Mae) Harbinson was one of my favorite people.  A lot of fun, and seemed to have time for children when we visited.  That wasn’t real often, dad’s family wasn’t a ‘tight knit’ family. But Aunt Ann once done me the greatest favor a person can do for a boy, she gave me a puppy. A Black Cocker Spaniel, I named Ace.  We had had a family dog, Bingo,  but she got sick and had to be put away. BUT ACE was mine. The most understanding friend you are gonna ever see.
My good friend Jim page sent me some pictures that although the dogs do not look like Ace, there is still the same Dog-like love.  Even if you are not a dog lover they make sense. I like this first one:
And then there is comfort!
Ahhhh and such comfort!

Dogs are about saving lives also. I remember a novel once whose hero was one of the dogs trained to locate victims buried in disasters:
Then there is just YOUR dog, he doesn’t have to be trained to do anything, Love comes natural, no training needed:
There are all missed when they are gone, even after 60 years, Ace is still remembered. You never met Brandy, unless you know Mel, from ‘Up North with Mel’.  She is missed by those Donners.
I didn’t mean for this to be so long, but I wanted to share these pictures with you.
No matter the task, a dog wants to help!
And when dogs have saved lives, they don’t really care if they are honored or not, that is the human side, I think the Dog was just happy doing something good, all he needs is a pat on the head or someone to rub his belly or behind his ears.

I hope you enjoyed the photo’s, I sure did. God is good, to have given us dogs, Of course DOG spelled backwards is GOD.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Teacher: Jimmy, this story looks a lot like your brother Kurt’s story. Did you copy his?
Jimmy:  No sir, it is the same dog!
woul you look at hat
Would you look at that, Are they English Bulls?

noty exactly English bulls
Those Labs are so tacky, staring. they have never seen the steering wheel on the correct side before!


Chatty Crone said...

Visiting you from Betty's blog - and I love the picture of the man who lost everything and still had his dog - that is sooooo true. And God.

Anonymous said...

I saw the man in the hospital bed with his dog...flashed back to Don (see photo at my main blog)! Don shared his hospital bed with Pooh Cat, then Pooh Cat and Sky then Pooh Cat and Baron then Baron! He loved having them in bed with him and they loved being there. I like it when I see a homeless person with a dog...I've never seen a dog look unfed...I've notice that water is always carried...that the person has someone to love is powerful! Through my life dogs have been some of my best friends!

Lucy said...

You touched my heart with every one of those pictures. I still have great memories of our dogs. Spunky may be overweight and lumpy and howl at me when he thinks I have food and I don't share. The most pain in the rear dog I have ever had but I love him and wonder who will die first, me or him. A bit morbid. I just put in a call to the orthopedist aND HE HAS NOT CALLED BACK but I can read the handwriting on the wall.

~mel said...

Aww Jack ~ I just LOVE that pic of you and Brandy. She sure was a good dog ... but we sometimes had to question her judge of character!! She sure took to you. Just kidding ~ you know I LOVE you!! I always said, "If my dog likes you, you're alright in my book too."


Dogs are man's best friends it is said. The pictures show all the ways. My heart was in that hospital bed.

betty said...

You know how we feel about dogs :)

But they truly are a wonderful gift from God to provide companionship to us and I think its neat they think we are so wise, no matter if we aren't really :)

So touching with the dog and the person in the hospital bed; I'm sure it provided the best comfort it could for its owner and friend at the time.

Great entry, Jack, enjoyed it all, especially reading about your dear aunt and the wonderful gift she gave you of Ace!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do thank you for all the SMILES today. Dogs are wonderful and I've had many in my life time. Not anymore though. After the last one passed on of old age, I just didn't have the heart to have another. I have lots of grand dogs though so I get my dog fix that way. All but one of my kids have dogs. At least two, some three. When we all get together, the dogs usually come too. They are part of the family after all. When they visit me, I always get at least one in my bed to sleep with. I don't mind at all.

Jean said...

I would have never thought I would love a dog as much as I do. You know we have only been dog owners for a little over a year. Lol. Grover asks me the other day what if somebody came by and claimed Millie would I give her up. That was a hard question to answer. She's a loving pup and she not any trouble I would, but it would hurt deep. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

... to be a dog.

Please have you all a wonderful new week.

Paula said...

A wonderful entry about dogs. 'Course I'm kinda partial to Susie and many before her and now the neighbor's cat.

Helen said...

I love dogs and can remember back to the dog when I was a child and their names. Right now I am an unasked caregiver to a little dog that lives next door who's name is Max. The people who live there are very seldom home. He was beginning to look real skinny. I took dog food and tidbits out to him and put it on clean clover. I also put some water out there in a small container which they have moved. They have been gone three nights now so here I go and feed Max. They are not very friendly people so I don't go inside the chain link fence. I took him some water which I had to put hand over hand to get to him.When he drank some a couple of times I brought it back out. He was so happy he was running really fast in large circles. I am going to take some cord of some and put it on the container so I can let down and pull back up. They would know if I turned them in because I would be the only one who can see the dog. I would be afraid they would do harm to our dogs. Sorry my comment was so long.