Sunday, March 11, 2012


We all are enjoying life.  some of our dear friends here in Blogsville have more physical problems than others. I miss Helen when she cannot be here. Ken(hubby) also has some physical problems. Our friend Bill (belongs to Darla), has an eye problem.  Bill is a great guy, we got to meet him.  I know Mel does not boast the greatest health but goes on. Medical break throughs are anxiously awaited by many.

Lucy will end up being the bionic woman. Louis has had a joint replacement (hope he is doing well). Our friend E. has had problems with a partial hip replacement, but is coming along like a champ. My good friend Fred is now in chemo after his bout with cancer. He WILL recover. Frances his dear wife after following him all over the world can use your prayers also.

One of the bloggers has a husband with a heart replacement, not in great shape now (reading in between the lines).

Anyway, the thought Life came to me. Just one breath/heart beat is between you and eternity.

Have you ever known someone who was going to live forever, you thought?  I thought my BIL and good friend Dick was going to bury all of us (In my family) but my sister who had some medical problems out lived him. Dick’s mom was at his funeral. Folks, you cannot always outguess the grim reaper.

At this time I am thinking of life. And I appreciate the fact that I am alive. I really do not want to bury a son, parents are not supposed to do that.  Sons are supposed to bury their dad & mom.   I am not saying that because of worry about my son’s health, as far as I know they are as healthy as horses.  I want us all to live to a ripe old age. I want to expire chasing Sherry around the bed. hahahaha!  However we do not always get our wishes, again, HA!

Ending this entry, wishing all of you the best of health.  I think Sherry or Shirl can make my final entry. When that occurs.

Nite shipslog


We are born naked, wet and hungry, and get slapped on our butt, then things just keep getting worse.



T’would be nice if our lives were as sure as this 1909 Packard.  Wouldn’t you love to drive on Sunday Afternoon to show off.


Lucy said...

That was a good entry. And I can tell you from experience, no our sons and daughters are supposed to bury us, but for me, I had to bury mine and it feels like you want to go with them. But life goes on. and it gets easier but never truly gone.You make a promise to him "I will join you soon." Though he can't speak, he squeezes your hand tight and barely nods his head. You bet, I am going to be the bionic woman.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

For a change it is sunny and warmer both at the same time today in Ohio, so life for me is pretty good today. I am like you and am thankful for each one I get but being warmed in the sun does beat shivering in the cold in my opinion. Glad you got a visit with your son there. I got to see a couple of mine yesterday. Those boys both work way too hard and it's nice to see them take some time off just for fun. Hope you are both enjoying your Sunday!

shirl72 said...

As Odis would say "one never knows"
what the future holds and pobably
a good thing.

Our weather is warm, sunny and
a great day to enjoy life. No
matter what hand we have been
dealt Life goes on. AIN'T that
profound. LOL Kidding aside
Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to leave an off-topic comment, but if you get a chance, look at the western sky when the sun sets. You will see Venus and Jupiter very near each other (a planetary conjunction, it's called).
By looking through a pair of binoculars steadied on a bean bag on the porch rail, I was able to see two of Jupiter's moons.
That was amazing!
(Especially since I bought those binoculars for $5 at a yard sale.)

I try not to think too much about getting old/having medical problems. Sometimes it's better to take things one day at a time.

Fred Alton said...

Yes, Jack, That's Life! I love the song-writer's words, "I don't know who holds tomorrow - but I know He holds my hand!" Meanwhile, I'm working on my backpack weight and getting myself mentally prepared to walk the 100 mile wilderness with you - maybe in August!

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Well, you KNOW ol' «Louis» is happy to see a Packard here! Packard was the first to use a steering wheel. Packard was also the first to offer factory air conditioning (1941), the first to offer power door locks and a limited-slip differential (1956)...

Y said...

I hope you and Fred get your wishes.

Anonymous said...

... is a challenge indeed.

Please have you all a wonderful new week ahead.

Paula said...

Good wishes to all you mentioned.


Years ago when my friend Sandy passed away at age 48, her parents were devastated by the loss of their only child. And they said, exactly what you did. NO parent should have to bury their child. We never know what fate holds, so we must live each day like it were our last. Take care.

Anonymous said...

a thought provoking is precious...the most precious thing there is on this planet!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Nice to meet you. Looking forward to being a new follower and friend