Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There times you just had to be there to understand!

I have a friend, Buddy, lately of New Mexico. Buddy had two traits that set him apart.  He was witty and he could defend himself. (I first used fight, but that ain’t politically correct any more, cause fighting today is to the death too many times).  I was fortunate to have a 1948 Chevy Convertible when I was 16. Gas was around 25cents a gallon so we could ride all evening on $1. One day we were in the edge of Charlotte, and Buddy in the back seat yelled pull into that filling station. I whipped in, several cars were there, the top was down so Buddy jumps and starts running toward the bathroom. right about the crowd of folks he slid to a stop, grabbed the seat of his pants and yelled “Just bring me some toilet paper!”

Well that was one time you just had to be there to get the entire joke.

My daddy’s best friend was Walt Moody, another preacher. Back in the 1940’s many preachers wore white suits. Walt liked to fish and took dad down to the river. Walt got in the boat and pushed off. Dad looked down and saw the paddles on the bank and yelled, “Walt, you forgot the oars!” With his white suit on, he took the rope and stepped off into the muddy S. Fork river and waded back in. My daddy could never control his laughing, he also had on a white suit, but was so overcome with the scene that he lay down laughing.

You may have had it happen, but it ain’t really funny until you SEE someone changing a little boy’s diaper and get baptized in a golden fountain!

Don was telling me when he first started driving his RV and towing his car, that one day going down the road he looked in his side mirror and saw a car really close, trying to pass.  Then an instant later realized it was his car, one of the wields had come loose on the tow vehicle, of course the other wield and the safety chains were securing the ‘loose’ car. He got stopped without any major damage.

I know there are funny things in everyone’s lives that you just had to be there to get the full impact.

Thanks for coming this way.

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TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
TEACHER: What are you talking about?
DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.



My first car, the beautiful 1948 Chevy convertible. ( I ruined this beauty, by rolling it over, one evening  after taking Sherry home) My cousin Ken owned it next.


Paula said...

Yes we all have those had to been there laughs. I can imagine that car trying to pass. A few weeks ago John put the brakes on kind of hard on the hospital parking lot and the visor was not hooked secure. It hit John smack between the eyes real hard. You had to be there, it was funny. It must have hurt pretty bad as he got out and let me drive home.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those are the kinds of things we never forget. It's one of those you should be here kind of days in Ohio. Just beautiful and warm and sunny. It feels like Spring. It's one of those kind of days I love. Not too hot or cold but just right! It's still to early to stay this way but for today I'm thankful for it.

shirl72 said...

I know I have had many funny things
happen but cannot think of but one
thing. Just getting use to the
times Church starts. Sunday night
is 6:00 and Wed. 7:00. One Wed.
I was rushing to get to Church and
thought I was about to be late.
Jump in the car drove to Church
parking lot empty, then it clicked
this is Wed. and time 7:00. I laughed drove back home and never told a soul.



LOVED the stories about your Pa his friend,and your friend. But my favorite was the LOOSE car. It really had me going. VERY funny. What would do without the memories, ey? Take care.

Dar said...

First, my apologies for not commenting lately,...but, since the 'incident' with my bod, it's been difficult to sit long. Will work on that with more ice. Thanks kindly for mentioning us in so many of your entries. You have struck a lot of sweet memories for us too...love that you found good thoughts in crossing a log over our creek with Sy, even tho you didn't get your feet wet.
Bill is loving retirement...cannot keep him still. I love to see him so happy.
As for just having to be there, One day a little boy came running up to me in the Piggly Wiggly Grocery store asking me if I lost this. He was holding a pair of panty hose. You had to be there, I was embarrassed but laughing histerically at the same time. That was way back when I wore those aweful things.
By the way, I stopped praying for snow just for you, sweet 'thang.'
BlessYourHearts...sure miss you two angels.
Can't sit no more...nighty night

Lucy said...

THAT WOUld be a shock to look in the mirror and think that car was to close to be passing and then realize it was your car you were towing. Sounds like you have had some f Love the looks of that car.un in your life.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
That Chevy "Stovebolt Six" engine was almost "bulletproof."