Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Church… David and Rusty

Sunday morning we were sitting at McDonalds sharing our biscuit and having coffee. Sherry got a phone call saying ‘David and Rusty’ were gonna be at the First Church of God North of Eustis.

David is a very good ventriloquist and Rusty is his side kick (dummy). We always enjoy them so we took off and got there in time for church. Sherry had time to talk to David before church and found our he will be up in the NC area this summer.


I have done some ventriloquist acts in entertaining, but never an entire program. I had a monkey called ‘George’.  I was never the professional David is.  He is also a class ‘A’ singer and he and Rusty sing together. they are always a hit. Sunday was no different.

Scanoldphoto3 013

(Taken at a Hook a Book program in Key West, years ago when I had hair!)

It is probably my age, but I think kids are missing some very good down to earth clean entertainment, such as David and Rusty.

Now I must admit, we had never attended this church before, but seeing some things brought back some childhood memories. One was each ‘bench’ (Pew) had Hymnals Also in the rack were stick fans? Do you have any idea what I mean? We had them as a child, because there was no A/C in the churches and ladies would use them to stay a little cool. For some reason, they were all distributed by Funeral Homes, with their advertisements on the fan.


This was a fundamental church that along with the black churches produced some great singers: Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, Whitney Houston and of course the greatest in rock and Roll Elvis. Dad’s churches were known for their singing, in the summer there was always a crowd outside looking in the windows and watching as the choir or ‘Special singers’ would sing.


(Sherry and ‘E’ in Tupelo, MS)ELVIS TUPELO 026

(The church was so big in Elvis’s life they moved the little Assembly of God church to the house where Elvis lived)

I know this for a fact, because as often as I could, I sneaked out of church, yeah, the real preacher’s son.  And yeah, I did get a couple tannings for the acts of rebellion.  All of the churches Dad pastored, had a band, I was a trumpet player, Shirl was: piano, accordion or French Horn.. (Always a multi-tasker)

In Valdese some of my friends had a trio. Jim and Bub Page along with Paul Settlemyre. They honestly sounded like the Everly Brothers, they were good, no, to be honest they were great, even as a kid, I loved to hear them sing.

Oh, I cannot close without mentioning Garland Page, Jim & Bub’s dad. I loved to hear him pick and sing, such a mellow voice, and such a wonderful man.

Yes, churches have launched many singing careers; and many, that were very good, were happy to entertain locally.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shiplog



These are classified ads, which were actually placed in U.K. Newspapers:

> 8 years old, Hateful little bastard. Bites!

> 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.


1955 Morris Oxford

1955  Morris


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love church music. The old hymns and the new ones too. There is just nothing like it. The choir at our church is amazing and really do their stuff for Easter. I'm looking forward to that. We hit an unheard of 80 degrees in Ohio in March today. I was loving it for sure. That grapefruit you got sounds mighty good. Nothing like that here for sure. Enjoy it! I'll be think of you all there sniffing the orange blossoms and eating your good citrus.

shirl72 said...

You were a great entertainer. I
have newspaper articles of your
entertaining. As Mother would say
"You were up in the Papers".

You are right lots of singers
got their start singing in Church.

I also remember you and Bill slipping out of Church and attending Ike's bash at the Rock
School when he was running for President. You can back with lots
of give-aways and I think got to eat. You and Bill got back to Church before it was dismissed.

I campaigned for IKE and I didn't get to go. Good Entry.


Louis la Vache said...

Ah, yes! The '55 Morris - a cousin to the MG.

Anonymous said...

Over here, there's no music in the churches. And yes, am wondering many times what me son will enjoy for his entertainment.
Please have you all a good Wednesday.

Fred Alton said...

Wonderful post again, Jack! Of course I was with you all the way - except I was not as adept as you getting away from church and getting back before the dismissal prayer. ha. Wonderful memories, friend.

We had a great '66 Morris Oxford which we bought in British Guiana (now called Guyana). Loved that car.

Singing in many of our churches in not the same as it was when you and I were growing up. Even at Tellico Plains - "Canned" music is used for the majority of songs. That's a little sad to me.

betty said...

Cool that you and Sherry could catch Dave and Rusty's show! I always think one that can "throw their voice" has a wonderful talent; how neat to use it in a setting like a church! I don't remember a church with teh stick fans, but I do remember the church we went to when I was growing up that had the man side and the lady side and the man side had clips for them to clip their hats in front of them on the pews :)

enjoyed reading your memories!



I LOVE stick fans. My grandma always used one. Haven't seen or heard about them in years. Thanks for the memory. It's a shame that the entertainment we enjoyed as youngsters is so boring to young people today. They are all about the gadgets entertaining them. David and Rusty sound like a couple of GREAT guys. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Some people I know go to church largely for the music. You looked good with hair. You look good without hair. ~Mary

Lucy said...

There are very few churches left like that in Lincoln. They are all very different and fancy. I am going to have to go since Joe managed to crawl out of bed. Loved the ad on the dogs. Things like what happened to Grover and Jean just should not happen. I have a cold but I am going to drink a ton of weater and hope they don't notice it. If they send me home without the surgery I don't know if I will go back.

Lindie said...

Honestly, I could not go to a church that did not have a choir. Music has always moved me and a great gospel choir is a must.

Chatty Crone said...

I remember the stick fans - loved them. And I hear from reading the comments about how good you were.
I love music too. sandie