Monday, March 12, 2012

I’ll never forget

(Picture Especially for Mel, Dar & Cher the Girl’s TRIO from the North woods!)

stop praying for snow

Now for today’ exciting entry!!!!!

I’ll never forget…….

The first time I burned my hand bad, was with hot tar. Boy did that hurt. I’ll never forget Dick and Kat coming to visit us in Burlington, and we went fishing. Dick walked away out on a tree that was growing parallel to the water, I was 5 yrs old. it looked scary to me, the water was coming from a Dam and was flowing pretty fast.

It amazed me, him fishing out there, he caught a Gar fish. I thought of that when we visited Bill and Dar and went out to their cabin. there was a tree lying across the creek and Sy and his dad walked out on it, my mind went back immediately when I saw Sy out on the tree. Then his dad walked out there to him.  A warm memory.

I cannot forget rationing during WWII!

I’ll never forget the end of WWII, we were in Burlington, My brother, Jr., was home on leave from the USN, he was there on his Indian motorcycle. Seeing him riding up and down the road streaming toilet paper from a roll and blowing the rough sounding MC horn, everyone was blowing car horns, mama was crying daddy was laughing, THE WAR WAS OVER, that is a vivid memory!

I’ll never forget saving coupons, all kinds or coupons for the orphans in the Kannapolis Orphanage. I’ll also never forget the Orphanage band, they could really play, I remember the trumpets most, because  I played a trumpet. I remember wishing I could play that good.

I’ll never forget lye soap. Mama did not use it after I was 6 or 7, but I remember it until then. I can still smell it.

I remember Vaseline Petroleum jelly, it was good for every thing, a lot like kerosene. I had a habit of leaning over the sink and getting a drink our of the spigot. Mama told me, that was not nice, folks didn’t do things like that. Well I figured folks should learn that. So, In the bathroom, using my little finger, I pushed the Vaseline pet. Jelly up in the spigot.

Those indoor toilets were new to me, later I ran to use the bathroom, yep, I jumped upon the sink and leaned over and turned on the water. PHEW, I taught folks not to do that, I want you to know!

I remember playing hop scotch with Shirl, she was good at that stuff. There are things in everyone’s lives that YOU WILL NEVER FORGET, I am sure, !

Thanks for coming this way.

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I’ll never forget everyone joking saying, what direction is that car going? Like many cars Studebaker had features used in other cars later.


Cher' Shots said...

Aww.. You're so sweet thinking of us sisters up north. We've graduated to rain! Snow is settling fast.
Love reading about your memories and lessons learned. lol
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

Some memories are really wonderful. Some not so good. Main thing is to be able to remember.


Sweet memories keep the past alive. Yours are precious, indeed. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The things we'll never forget...such precious memories they are. Yours were memorable ones for sure. I love the church sign in your post today. I keep hoping that the snow is gone, but we never know for sure. It has been known to snow in April here. Still and all I'm not complaining. It's been a mild winter here and I am very thankful for it. Hope you all were able to enjoy some sunshine today!

Anonymous said...

I was almost 3 by the time the war was over. I remember oleo margarine, I used to get to mix the yellow color packet into the margarine. I remember black out curtains...they used them when I had German Measles, when I was around 3. I was born during a nighttime air raid drill...don't remember that ;-) after they dropped the bombs in Japan my Dad had an opportunity to move us inland, so we moved. we were living near one of the east coasts major naval bases prior to moving. my Dad didn't have a car prior to moving, he biked to work. I remember hearing Hitler on the radio we had, ranting and raving. that radio would also pick up Spanish speaking stations! lots of memories from the past!

shirl72 said...

Oh my Studebaker, I think it is
a 1947 Starlight Coupe. I think
the Bullet nose started in 50's.
Remember how many we sold. 38,
2-53's, 50 convertible, 38, 56 Hawk, 54 truck. The most value one we let go was the Isetta. They are bringing lots of money today.
Oh well they are gone.

We played many games and had lots
of fun being outside. I remember
roller skating on the sidewalks,
double jump rope I could go on.
After moving to Queen City, I started ice skating. It all by
the wayside now. On with living
my age. LOL


Louis la Vache said...

The design of that Studebaker has held up amazingly well. The front end of the '50 models was inspired in no small part by the front of the Tucker.

Paula said...

I still have one of my ration books with my name on it. When the war was over a neighbor lady came and rang the Methodist church bell across the street from our house. What memories!

Melanie said...



Jean said...

A great entry as always Jack I remember when the war ended my aunts, uncles and my family all got together and we ate our food on a table outside. That happens a lot during my growing up years when all family and friends get together and share their food. It was so good and they always had fried apple pies I love them. Now I'm hungry and I had better get to bed. Lol. Take care. Jean

Rose said...

You have wonderful memories and I appreciate you sharing them with all of us.

Hugs, Rose