Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do shoes Eat socks anymore?

One problem I had growing up, was in the winter when we wore shoes and socks, many times my sock disappeared into my shoe, leaving my heel exposed.  We called that, ‘A shoe eating a sock!’

I just wondered if that happened today? I think it was because there was no elastic in the top of the sock to hold it up.  Or maybe my shoes were a size or two too big. But that was one of the problems I had with shoes.

I was thinking of early problems. You know we all went to school with colds. I don’t remember have a handkerchief, but I might have. I know I did wipe my nose on my sleeve, boys did that, I don’t think girls were allowed to! What were those coats made out of? Wool? What ever it was it was not soft.  I am sure we spread the germs around pretty well up until the 1950’s.  The Polio epidemic put the quietus on germs where possible.


If you saw a picture or a movie of an Iron Lung, it made even the toughest kid just a little afraid. So really my shoes eating my socks was very small in comparison to what could have happened.

My child hood memories are of World War II and just after that was the Polio epidemic. Thank God nothing to compare to either, has happened since.

I am not the oldest nor the youngest here on the net. What do you remember as the biggies, of your youth?

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I just finished Lescroart’s book ‘A Plague of Lies’, it was a great spoof, I really enjoyed it.



1939 the year I discovered America.


Lindie said...

I think the iron lung pictures were the start of my claustrophia problems. I feel panic attacks coming on just looking at that picture. I had an MRI about a year ago and still shake thinking about it. I couldn't walk after it.

Paula said...

Hated my Daddy making us go across the street into the Methodist church basement when it stormed. No one else had to go. Been missing all of you without internet for several days. We had a bed storm here and three tornados near but not here.

Paula said...

That was a bad storm, not bed. lol

betty said...

So funny you mentioned about the socks, Jack, because I have a pair that my shoes eat. I'm not sure why they slip down, but it sure is frustrating! I remember my mom talking about the polio epidemic and everyone's fear about it. I do remember growing up every time we went to the doctor and we were sick, we always got shots of penicillin, forget the pills like we have these days. So no one ever wanted to go to the doctor because of the fear of getting a shot.



I have NEVER heard of shoes eating socks. Washing machines eating them, yes. One of my teachers had polio. very sad.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the polio epidemic well as I was one of the victims of it. Thankfully it was a mild case as they go and recovered from it without a limp. A little back problems because of it but that isn't bad when you consider what others went through.And when we all lined up in school for the shots, I got them all too. Guess it's one thing you could get again. The polio vaccine was a blessing and continues to be one.

Y said...

President Kennedy being assassinated and Pope Pious XII dying really rocked my world. I was shocked that people as powerful as popes and presidents die like the rest of us.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I remember the first unmanned and manned rockets.....we use to watch on TV then run outside to the dock and watch for the vapor trails....


Chatty Crone said...

Haha - I remember my socks falling down too - I hated that. And no mostly I tried to wipe with a Kleenex. I don't remember the iron lung - and polio - i was born in 53 - but I do remember lining up at school and having the vaccine on a sugar cube - couldn't give it out to the kids today for sure.


Lucy said...

The iron lung was terrifying. It seemed the polio epidemic must be one of the scariest. My sister had polio and she was not in an iron lung but was crippled on one leg, very crippled. She lived a happy normal life and eventually my Aunt got her into Omaha University hospital and she did get her leg operated on and built up shoe aND brace and her foot straightened. She was a special lady.

Anonymous said...

Sister Kenny and the "March of Dimes" were very much a part of my childhood. As were tonsillitis and subsequent tonsil removal, German Measles (some hearing loss one ear), Chickenpox, croup, ear aches (continuously until tonsils removed), influenza, lock jaw (watch out for rusty nails), rabid dogs, pigs with cholera, food poisoning, goats with "childbed fever" aka puerperal fever , cows who ate the wrong stuff and bloated and this only scratches the surface of the things that were going on in my life when I was a child.

if my g'daughter is any indication, I'd say yes shoes still "eat" socks! as do washing machines!

Helen said...

I remember those shoe eating socks. I could never figure out why they did that. There were two sister in grades ahead of me in school. I don't remember if they had to use iron lungs but both of them used braces to above their knees. Helen

Cher' Shots said...

Funny you should mention the shoes eating your socks! I had on a pair of short slip on socks yesterday and my shoes pulled them right down to the toes! Hate when that happens. Uncomfortable too.
One big thing I remember about my youth is the 'bomb drills' in school where we had to try and cover our heads and curl up under our desks ... now tell me, If a bomb actually fell that close would that have saved us? lol
'love & hugs from afar'

shirl72 said...

That is a mystery how shoes will
eat your socks. My washing machine
also eats socks. Maybe we need
to have a study on why this happens.


Louis la Vache said...

That Buick convertible is just the ticket!

Louis la Vache said...

oh - and «Louis» likes that black Studebaker, too!