Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do you “Shred?”

My sister Shirl has always been a shredder or burner. Anything with the names addresses or important  personal information. I was reminded of how big the business of shredding has become when a big truck passed us on the road yesterday that advertised “We come to your business and shred” no job to large or too small.


When I was in the USN I was responsible for a lot of classified material, meaning, there were a lot of ‘burn runs’ to destroy sensitive information. On the ship there was a special incinerator for burning, that also furnished heat for steam lines. Books are the worlds worst to burn.


Well anyway yesterday when I spied the truck I remembered it was time to make room in our on-board files.  Like everything else when you live on a motor home you cannot keep too many records.  We also do not have a shredder, I don’t want to give up the space.


My solution is to take all the sensitive information and some not, put it all in a bucket and add water. I stir it around some and let it sit over night. Then I stir it again. Let it sit, then stir it again and it becomes slush. Then if I am close to the dumpster I pour it in a plastic bag and dump it.


I am not close here so I make paper balls out of it. It is like snow balls, and when they dry out it is impossible to tear them apart and get any information. I say impossible, what I mean it is too complicated a task for no more that a person can glean. Most thieves,who know anything about computers, steal information from there.


I remember in my 3rd grade, we made Halloween masks, I think she called it papier-mâché’. 


If you know of a better way, let me know.

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Remember my paper ‘snow balls?”

paper mustandgpaper mustang2papercar00 audi

These two cars are made completely from paper,  No they do not run! but it is all paper, the mustang ended up with a paper engine. Mustang is full size, the Audi is about 1/4 size.



How interesting. Never made paper snowballs to dispose of sensitive material. We have a shredder. My husband LOVES to play with it. So that's that.

Louis la Vache said...

Amazing job on the paper Mustang and Audi!

shirl72 said...

If you have a small grill pretend
you are getting ready to barbecue
and burn the material. You and
Sherry make fires on the road when
they permit burning put them in the fire. Bring them home and I
will shred them. That's my thing
love it....


Paula said...

I think Shirl has it down pat. I shred but my shredder only takes one or two papers at a time. I even tear the address off catalogs and then tear them into little pieces. Now John thats another story.

Anonymous said...

I have a shredder but don't shred! I like your method...perhaps I could think of something arty to do with the "melted" paper!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a unique way to get rid of unwanted papers for sure. I'd never heard of that one before. It's Monday morning here and we've got a couple inches of new snow on the ground. Winter is taking it's time going, but still it's been a good one with less of that white stuff than usual. Hope your Monday is a great one.

Fred Alton said...

We shred. On a regular basis. Don't ask me why since there is nothing really sensitive here to start with. I remember doing papier mache in Art classes - but without the aid of a shredder. We also made a papier mache convertible for a school play - which, in my opinion, turned out very nicely. Fun times.

Lucy said...

I shred. Like Fred, I don't have much to hide for the sake of security. I get things through the mail that I really would not want my alcoholic garbage collector to see. All kinds of credit card offers. I only have one card and would like to get that paid off and never have another one. One thing about the garbage man., he knows Joe cleans Spunkys potty messes up and dumps them in the bag so I don't think he would care to get in there.