Thursday, March 8, 2012

Much adieu about nothing

(Pictures are ‘T’ models from the Web)
I wish I could type without looking at the keys.  Sometimes I am typing along and look up at the monitor and nothing has been happening. At 17 I took a course in typing offered by the USMC. A 3 week course in the evenings. Mostly we learned the home keys.  I think they were looking for folks to become Yeomen, and I didn’t try too hard.  Now I can type maybe 50 words a minute, if misspelling counts. hahaha
I remember Lucy mentioning the new code words  you must enter in some blogs to comment. I thought I was getting good at them until today, it took me 5 tries to get a comment posted. I think they are supposed to get easier to read with every repeat. I expect one to say “Jack, you worry me, just type ‘abc’” and get out of here!!!!
Funny about the Flea Mkt, just a small thing can teach you something. I saw an aluminum wallet and mentioned to Don, I wouldn’t like that, it would slip out of my  pocket. Don said the reason for the aluminum is to keep someone from reading your credit card info thru your pocket. The Aluminum prevents someone from reading. That seemed hard for me to believe, what if you had two cards or three, seems it would be hard to decipher?
So I have done some checking. It is possible for someone to read your card, if it has an ID chip in it, otherwise the regular CC cannot be read thru your wallet or purse. How do you know? If your credit card has a chip you will have this logo on it:
chip2chip3chip  symbol
If it does, just wrap it in  tin foil (make a little sleeve) and it cannot be stolen by the crooks reader. The chip is there for your protection, but at the same time makes you vulnerable to the thief armed with the right electronics reader.(I am usually the last to know!)
This chip is used widely in Europe and if the US citizen is traveling abroad, it is hard to use the CC without the chip.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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PS:  good quote from Hartman Jule:
Sometimes a headache is all in your head. Relax.
Spring is in the air in Florida, on the way back from Webster we must have seen 15 T-models on the road!  Beautiful!
The project
The proud finish!


Louis la Vache said...

Nice restoration of the Model T!

hee hee... If typos don't count, «Louis» can type 150 words a minute, hooves and all!

shirl72 said...

I have heard about the credit card
being read in you purse. Crime
people work hard coming up with new ideas to get a person's

I should send you the pictures
that you sent me taken in from
of Hemmings Motor News Store standing in from of an Red Isetta.

Toured Mr. Russell's antique cars
yesterday, I think he has about
35. They are put in parades and rented out for the Movies. He
has about 10 police cars ready to
go on the road. They all come in
White and they paint them the
color needed and equip them with
radios and sirens. It was a very
interesting tour. Years from 1918 to 60's. He knows the history of each car.. They are housed in lage Buildings. Truly amazing.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've seen those aluminum wallets for sale too. Now I know why they make them. I love how I learn something new every day. Never fails. It is a wet and rainy day in Ohio. Went out to the mall so I could walk around and get some exercise. Too much sitting in the house lately.

Lindie said...

I am with an old fashioned small bank. We do have debit cards, but that just happened a year or so ago. No radio chips or I will buy stock in Reynolds wrap!

Jean said...

About this time last year some one hackle in my debit card and must have bought them an airline ticket around the world. The bank caught it and froze my card. I got the money replaced I don't think they got the tickets for the airline reimburse the money. This was an airline in another country. They sent me a new card but I worry every time I use it. I did buy one of them wallets and I couldn’t open the thing so I give it to one of my sons. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder why banks, etc. spend (our?) money to think up ways to thwart crooks, when the crooks are always one step ahead.

I have trouble typing when I'm holding my laptop and reclining on the sofa. ;-)

I do not like the "new" anti robot code! There's a crook think tank somewhere figuring a way around it.

Nice remodel of the car!

Paula said...

Just stopping in late tonight to see what you and Sherry are up to. So many things to do here lately.

Lucy said...

Those cars make me feel older. We didn't have one I don't think. When I was expecting Larry , We had to go 10 miles to the doctor. He was born in November and it got cold during the night. I remember Duane going out and cranking it about 3 times a night until it was finally time.I don't know when they made them so you could not crank them.

Y said...

You are a wealth of information. If a busy mind keeps one from getting demented, you will always have a sharp brain. Thanks for sharing.

Rose said...

My CC card was recently compromised and I found it very disturbing and upset me very much.

I was pleased that my credit card company found it before me.

Yes, the metal wallets are good. I also requested that my new card have that chip removed. I was told it was for swiping purposes instead of sliding the everyone getting that lazy and they knew this would cause easy access for thieves.....makes you wonder!

Suffering with the Shingles....super back pain discomfort............ugh.

Hugs, Rose