Thursday, March 29, 2012

I hope we are Back

Funny how we (I ) are addicted to the internet. A few days off and I feel discomboobelated.  My daddy used to say that so it must be a word. HA!  May be a north Georgia word.

Anyway while we have been off, My friend Vondale and his wife Rose dropped by for a few days. Rose’s sister, Bernice  and her husband Bob, drove down also for a day. Also here in the park is our dear friends Evelyn and Don.  The joy of the girls was that they graduated the same year, Sherry carries all 4 yrs of yearbooks for their HS so they had a lot to talk about over “THE BOOKS’.

Don, Vondale and I hung out together. Tucker was having problems with his lap top and didn’t know how to take it apart.  He asked me if I did, I said no but I can find out. We left the girls at the unit Vondale had rented and came to our motor home. I found a site that told how to tear it apart. so as I played and stopped the instructions, they took it apart. Vondale fixed the part with Sherry’s last paper clip (I told him he was in trouble). They reversed the procedure and the thing actually worked. (It is amazing the amount of information is available on the internet free.)

We all ate out too much. We all joked a lot. I laughed when everybody else did.  When I learn to hear these things will be a lot more fun.LOL.

I was able to tell Vondale  that I had changed my mind about the trip down the intercostal waterway. I had been thinking about the wind and my hearing aids, plus my buddy speaks low.  Not to mention the price of Gas and his boat uses a gallon a mile!  He has a small Yacht about the size of our motor home. Yeah, I have a rich friend,(LOL), but we would not go without paying our share.

That is about it, I made my last visit to the dentist until next year.  We have spent enough this year anyway.  So we have decided to depart Florida in the next few days and head for the Charleston, SC area.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Let me tell you about my doctor:


He's very good! If you tell him you want a second opinion, he'll go out and come in again.


He treated one woman for yellow jaundice for three years before he ************************************

1906 REO

1906 REO


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are in good working order there and so happy to hear you've been able to visit with your friends. Amazing about fixing that computer. I might be able to read the instructions, but I think I'd be afraid to try. I've ben wondering when you were going to leave Florida. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Hope you both have a great Thursday!


Sounds like your friends kept you busy. Glad you are reconnected to the internet. We missed you. GODSPEED. We will look forward to hearing about South Carolina. First and only time we were there, we explored Charleston. LOVED it. ENJOY. take care.

Helen said...

Bout time to get back home to do a little gardening. Helen

shirl72 said...

Glad you are back and in working
order. I can read instructions
but still can't fix things.
Glad you got to see Rose and Vondale.

Looking forward to your return home.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the dentist visits come sooner than you think.

Glad you are back. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Feels like life, as it can, as it should be.

Please have you all a good Friday.

Cindi said...

discomboobelated..Yep know the feeling too well, it goes with the som"timers" I's similar to alzheimer's, I just dont forget ALL the time just some times....;)

Vickie Jane said...

Glad you are on your way home. When you get to Charleston give Nancy and Al a call, they would love to see you.

Vickie Jane said...

Glad you are heading back home. Whe you get to Charleston call Nancy and Al. They would love to see you.

Chatty Crone said...

You did a lot in a short amount of time and now you are heading out again.

I am addicted to the internet too - I love it.

You found out how to fix the problem on the computer over the internet with a paper clip!

The world has sure changed my friend.


betty said...

WTG Jack and friends to fix the computer with info from the internet that included a paper clip! Wow!! I too am addicted to the internet, but I'm glad you took the time away from it to spend it with precious friends!!

safe travels!!


Louis la Vache said...

WOW! A REO! That stands for Ransome E. Olds, the founder of Oldsmobile. When Olds sold Oldsmobile to General Motors, he formed REO. They also built trucks. Their truck business continued some 40 or more years past their car business. REO offered one of the first automatic transmissions - in 1935.