Monday, March 5, 2012

Politically Correctness

Most of us are getting a little tired of all the Politically Correctness. Many, like me, do not understand it. Now, Garnett and Jimmy of Blogsville understand it, and are always politically Correct. They would not think of breaking the rules.

Growing up in school some kids were held back, not many, but enough to let you know you had better study and try, or you would not be advanced with your friends.  We also knew, sometimes you would not be picked FIRST when teams were chosen, and actually might not be picked at all.  Somehow we learned that was life.

I had friends called Stump, Redeye, Fatty and Slug.  NO-ONE looked at these names as being slurs. Guys thought as much of Redeye (with his hair lip) as anyone else (we had never heard of cleft-lip). He was just one of us, along with Stump, Fatty and Slug. If we had thought it would hurt their feelings, the names would not have been used.  Besides Redeye coulda  kicked our rears.

When we moved to Belmont, Fat Myers became one of my dad’s best friends. Fat ran the local Funeral Home. Shorty Robinson sold real estate, Crip Goodson ran a little store. They were respected men in the community. they used their nick names to an advantage. On GITMO I had two great friends, Squirrel and Taco.

Once when Sherry and I were looking for our first motor home, we knocked on a door in a small town in SC in answer to an Ad. The guy that came to the door looked exactly like Foster Brooks. In fact he was a Foster Brooks imitator.

Sometimes a fake is used to downgrade the real. Remember Foster Brooks? He made his living imitating a drunk. Foster Brooks got millions of laughs by acting drunk.  You see, what some folks do not understand is: NO ONE LIKES A REAL DRUNK, EXCEPT ANOTHER DRUNK.

Foster (who became a teetotaler on a $10 bet in 1964) was enjoyed because he was a fake, he was acting drunk. I doubt if anyone was driven to drink because of his antics alone.  It is not PC to entertain in that manner now.

Foster Brooks, one of is presentations.

I cannot hear it now, but I remember the original and I did laugh. I do try to be PC most of the time, but sometimes it does become absurd.

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Nite Shipslog

TEACHER: Now, Simon , tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?
SIMON: No sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.


oh yeah army

Not really sure, but it looks like it was a ‘51 Ford


I think this started as an early ‘50’s Buick.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things have really changed over the years for sure. I'm really not sure what is correct or not anymore. I've had some changes to face that I didn't like at all. I still think you can't go wrong with the please and thank you. It's been a cold snowy day here in Ohio. Be glad you have that nice warm weather to enjoy there.

Anonymous said...

I remember Foster Brooks and maybe even watched this on TV!

My Mom called me "Teek" and "Biddy", my ex husband called me "the old bat" and Don called me "Honey"! When I was a kid I had a friend we called "Stick" (as in stick-in-the-mud), and there was a man in the neighborhood called "Tink" then "Uncle Tink", his brothers and sisters nicknamed him when he was a baby in diapers (as in smelly)! Don was known as "Spike" and "Spider" cause he was a skinny little thing and his Dad was "Shorty"...'cause he was short! Shoot I didn't need a nickname at school kids made up all kinds of silly rhymes to harass me about the name "Theanne"! Where I grew up I don't think a lot of time was spent on being politically correct!

Interesting post!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yes...i made it to work...1 1/2 late...the roads were a real mess and ran into white-out conditions just south of West Jefferson...but....we had visitors in the park this afternoon....snowshoeing the hiking trails...!!
Thanks for thinking of me...Enjoy

Paula said...

I'm not saying what my daddy called our neighbor but lets just say she was well endowed plus loud mouthed. Like this entry Jack. Oh I like all of them and I also like that car with the star on the side.

Fred Alton said...

Got a real kick out of Brooks, "the drunk". What a comedian he was. I've lived with a few drunks in the CG and they would talk just that way. As for PC - I get so sick and tired of the dumb things people pick on and want to sue others over that it makes me want to puke. Oh boy - that's probably not a PC word, that "puke". Haha. I do know it's easy to choose the wrong word to express one's sentiments and don't think we should deliberately seek to put others "down" (so to speak) but nick-names are just nick-names. Reminded me of the preacher who was casting out devils and trying to be PC, he said, "You devil...come out now...if you will...please, sir!"

Louis la Vache said...

Jack, «Louis» thinks you are right that the first car is probably a '51 Ford. The '52s got a new body style. The treatment of the rear fender is different than the '49. The Buick is either a '52 or '53, probably a '53.

«Louis» hadn't thought about Foster Brooks in years! Thanks for the reminder!


Gosh golly what names your friends had. Never heard of such things, where I come from. I remember Foster Brooks. He was a very funny guy. Glad to know he wasn't really a drunk. Take care.