Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We finally made it. Webster with Don and Evelyn!

(Pictures from wolfgangflorida)
(Entrance to the old section which is acres)
The last time we scheduled Webster it rained us out, but today we made it. It is fun watching things at a flea mkt like Webster. Maybe fifty thousand people and 5,000 venders. A big thing here in Florida now is Strawberries. They were selling for $8 a flat on average. That is about 8 quarts I guess.
(There are 8-10 big bldgs like this) in the newer part.
Webster is unique in that it is the wholesale place for ‘stuff’ as well as retail. Sunglasses by Gautier sell for $24 a dozen. In wholesale, anyone can buy as long as you buy in bulk. The same glasses sell for from $3 to $15 a pair on over in the Flea Mkt. 
It was wall to wall people, Anyplace there was a demo, you could hardly get by.  We laugh at the cleaning demo’s because once Don and I were so impressed, we each bought the carpet cleaning stuff. On site, in the demo, the guy cleaned pure grease and black oil on a white carpet. I felt the oil & grease, it was real.  But then at home, nada.  hahaha.
A big thing now is polishing headlights, several demo’s on that.  I know how much work that is I just polished the headlights on the RV. It is a job!
I have to laugh at some of the clothes. Then they probably laugh at me. It is all fun and entertaining. I did not buy any popcorn, (ahhh, it smelled so good) or get any ice cream, and it looked good.
Don took me into some antique stalls and told me about the stuff.  Don is a collector. It seemed he had one of most of the stuff we saw! I only knew one thing he didn’t, and it was an antique nail puller. HA! I am supposed to know that stuff!
Most of the stuff is dust collectors but very pretty. I did see some spandex jeans, but Sherry would have no part of them.
DOGS! they have puppies for sale and none less than $400 some up to $800. Do people who go to Flea Mkts have that kind of money?
Did you  ever see a ‘SPLAT’?  this is a little form, like a ball or an egg, if you throw it down on a slick clean surface it goes ‘Splat and flattens out like a fried egg. and with ten seconds returns to it’s original shape. they were $4 a piece one place and $2 another.  If I go back I am getting me one!! hahahaha Splatbacks_TomatoSplatbacks_Egg
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog
Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?
Not sure what this was, but  it looks like it was a GM late 30’s originally.  But I do like it!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Been there.....seen that..!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe 'cause when you blow in a dogs face you don't let him in your mouth to clean your teeth...dogs like to do stuff like that!

Your flea market sounds like a really honking swap meet!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» would have a field day with those old signs, etc.!

You Stumpen ol'«Louis» with the car... He, too, ,thinks it is late-'30s GM, but he can't identify it!

Jean said...

Oh yeal they will buy puppies at flea markets.Lol. Sheila her hubby and her girls has. Lol.That guy standing with his back to your camera looks just like a guy that I worked with for years.They loved flea markets. Just wondering!. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

I wouldn't buy a splat but I would buy a slinky. I love those things. Yes I think some people who go to flea markets have money. Jack that is how they got it by buying cheap and selling high.

shirl72 said...

WOW what a big fea market. I love
to go and look around, but don't
dare buy anything. I have to much
still left from down sizing.
Dust catchers.. I don't dust for
security reasons, if some one
breaks in and steals something you
can tell what was taken. You
can even write notes when you leave. LOL


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lots and lots to see there. I imagine there are a lot of people buying things to sell at other places...making big bucks on it. I love to look but like Shirl, I don't buy much for me anymore...already have way to much. But it is fun cause you never know what you might see.


WHAT fun to explore. I think I need a couple of those SPLAT's for my grandchildren. Would put a twinkle in their eyes. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Take care.

Lucy said...

We went to one in Texas when the kids were still married. It was July and so hot and I never walked so far in such heat in my life. Not much for bargains.

Anonymous said...

$800 flea market puppies?
Damn, I'm old.

Woody said...

Flea Markets are fun, I like the old junky dust collector stuff, of course I don't have any room to store it so am safe going them.
Hope you 2 are enjoying yourselves, it was just 1 below zero this morning and 1 inch of snow, take care....
Gary & Anna Mae

Anonymous said...

What wonderful adventure.

These 'splat' thingess are sold over here as well. Please have a good Wednesday you all.

Fred Alton said...

What? No pop-corn and no ice-cream? I would just HAVE to have an ice-cream cone in that Florida heat. Oh ... On that "blow in the doggie's face ... might want to make sure you had brushed your teeth next time! hahahahahah! I think that I would have to have one of those splat things. Sounds like a fun day.

Sheila Y said...

Guilty as charged. Did buy a puppy, but didn't pay that much. But it wasn't Rylie, the one we have now. His name was Toby. But he was a chihuahua like Rylie. I would have enjoyed looking around that flea market. Take care, Sheila

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