Saturday, March 17, 2012

I cannot keep a car clean

I know I am supposed to. Everyone tells me that I should have a clean car. Don’t ask me why, but I JUST CANNOT KEEP UP. Now honestly, when we clean the car, Sherry usually does the inside, I do the outside.  After it is done, I say I am gonna keep it this way. BUT I DON’T!  Shucks, I don’t know why, I am not really lazy, I think I just forget.


(This is the only Gitmobile I could find on the net, we had a 50 chevy looked something like the it was covered with peace symbols by our boys)

I like a clean car, you feel better in a clean car. So why not keep one?  I guess it is not one of my priorities.  I was very well satisfied on GITMO.  We were on water hours most of the time. All our water was from a huge desalinization plant. De-salt is done with heat, so the water  delivered to your house is hot.  Our house had a hot water heater but I am sure it seldom came on. We never turned on the hot water faucet when taking a shower, it was always a good temp for a bath.

So washing a car was a no-no using base water.  The dedicated clean-car folk would take the drippings from window a/c’s, and wash their cars. We had two 1950 Chevy's (Gitmobiles) that got painted when they were real dirty. The boys liked that, they used rollers and house paint. ha!

So Sherry is sometimes ashamed of our car and then shames me into washing it. LOL.  In most RV parks you are not allowed to wash your car nor the motor home.  The Park at 3 Flags does allow you to wash at a price. $5 for car $10 for the motor home. We usually do that once a winter.  Now I do clean the windows every once in awhile. LOL

Anyway I cannot explain why, but most of the time our car ‘needs a bath’.  Shirl on the other hand always has a spotless vehicle, she is so silly that way!!!!  LOL

We try to buy a white vehicle, it doesn’t show dirt quite so bad. Oh every time we get a different vehicle, I promise to keep it clean, I mean it!!!  I do good for several weeks,  then?  Back in the hole….

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a clean car, I admire you guys that can do that, but me, I am a failure in that department!

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If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably well worth it.


1950 Hudson



Louis la Vache said...

Nice '50 Hudson!
Those post-war Hudsons were great cars. It was a real loss when they were discontinued by Mitt Romney's father, George. («Louis» has previously related to you how Nash, Hudson, Studebaker and Packard were all to become American Motors, but the Mittser's father torpedoed the plan...)

shirl72 said...

I commented and it left the screen
see if this post. shirl

shirl72 said...

That is why I traded the black
car for a dark grey. That black
showed dirt.

Our cars were washed once a week
even if they didn't need it. You
are right the car just drives


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't keep my car very clean either. When I do I take it to a car was a few blocks away and they do the inside and the outside for $20. It is worth it to me. Of course all winter long it has been parked in the garage more than not. When the campground opens I'll be putting a few miles on it then going back and forth. We just don't often think about how precious that water we use so easily is to others. Maybe we folks that don't wash the car every week are doing a good thing. Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday there. I've got my cabbage cooking for St. Patrick's Day!

Bookncoffee said...

I only get mine washed about once a quarter. The car wash has a vacuum cleaning free with purchase. So mainly when I can't stand the inside...I go get the whole thing done. Sounds like you might do it more if you just had a better situation to do it in with a car wash near by. Hope you are having a nice St. Pat's!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, that I might clean me camera more often than me glasses.

Please have you all a good Sunday.


We have a FREE car wash for the life of our vehicles from the place we bought them. Outside looks nice, but the inside, not so much... especially my husband's.

Chatty Crone said...

I run it through the three dollar car wash! lol sandie

Paula said...

My truck is sooo dirty right now but not usually. John lets his go until I get embarresed and do it for him. Think I'm going to quit that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dirty car person. It doesn't bother me unless I give someone a ride (or have to have it in the shop for work), and then I think about how nasty it must look to them.
I tried to make a deal with hubby. I pointed out that I wash his dirty socks and underwear so maybe he could wash my car. Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying, lol.

Anyway, I saw a car ad that made me think of you, Jack. It said your car is like a search engine that you use to browse the real world. I thought that was a great word picture!

betty said...

I rarely think about washing the car, even rarely thought about it when I was a single gal. Would occasionally spray it off and hope for rain :)

Son, though, he takes good care of his Cadi, washing it at least weekly (now that he is back at home with us, LOL, and not in an apartment). He even vacuumed out my van a few weeks ago (which hadn't been done in a year :)

$10 to wash the motor home; I think that is a bargain myself!


Lucy said...

Joe leaves our car dirty unless we go to a funeral But he cleans every window every day, we drive it, Our car sits in the sun and the black roof is all discolored from the heat of the sun. He lifts the hood of the car every day to maKE SURE A RABbIT IS NOT IN THERE. Remember how the rabbit took a ride over to the shopping center and chewed a bunch of wires.