Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bangor, Maine

The city is situated on the Penobscot River. Since we were here last my man Paul Bunyan is being squeezed. There was a welcome center  then the largest wooden statue of Paul Bunyan in the world, in a large open area.

paul Bunyan1

Room for him and the Blue Ox if needed, but now? We are building.  But the city thinks it enhances old Paul.

Bangor cars lobster 037

But look what Jack J. spied in a parking lot, a vintage WWII motorcycle and side car, neat.

Bangor cars lobster 041

While I am on vintage vehicles, Sherry and I ate at Nicky’s Cruise In Café. They were actually having a cruise-in:

 Bangor cars lobster 002Bangor cars lobster 004Bangor cars lobster 009Bangor cars lobster 011Bangor cars lobster 014

There were about 30 beautiful cars.

So we went out for Jack’s 54th birthday.

Bangor cars lobster 043Bangor cars lobster 046Bangor cars lobster 047Bangor cars lobster 050Bangor cars lobster 051

Everyone got the twin Lobster dinner at Capt. Nicks in Bangor.

Bangor cars lobster 028Bangor cars lobster 030Bangor cars lobster 032

Steven King’s  address is not advertised for privacy reasons, but you can find it. Note the wrought Iron gates, webs and Bats. It is a neat old home. Play I cannot resist two more

Bangor cars lobster 016Bangor cars lobster 018

Thanks for coming this way, we are off to Monson to look at the end of the 100 mile wilderness and Mark and I can try out our packs.

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Two more from the cruise in:

Bangor cars lobster 021

I know that is a ‘55 Ford, Not sure on the Vette, but think ‘55 also.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How lucky can you get ...great times with your boys and a cruse in too! All those vintage cars in one place just for you! Hope you and Mark do well with those packs. Good to get in some practice. Have a great Saturday!

shirl72 said...

Love the cars will be going to a
car show next Saturday. Lookc
like everyone enjoyed their meal.

Will be waiting to hear about
your adventures on the trail.
Be careful and watch your step.
Don't want anybody to fall and
get hurt.


Rose said...

Love that vintage WWII motorcycle and side car!

Maine has the best lobsters for sure.

I didn't get to Maine during my last trip to New England but I still got my Maine Lobster! LOL

Looks like good times for you there!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

This vegan must admit those lobsters look good.

Paula said...

My brother-in-law had a black and white Ford just like the one in the last picture. I like looking at old cars and remembering who had one like it.

Anonymous said...

love the motorcycle w/sidecar and the lobster! good stuff!

Fred Alton said...

I love ALL the pictures of old cars that you post. Your boys are looking good too. Glad Mark is going with us just in case YOU need help. :) ☻ Can hardly wait. Gotta get this Sunday School lesson finished. See ya soon.

~mel said...

There's just something about a grown man in a bib! HA!! That's one meal I would have to pass on ~ I'm highly allergic to any shellfish. I always told Dear Hubby he lucked out with me ... when we went out to eat I was always a cheap date:) No lobsters on my plate.

Anonymous said...

Never had alike.

Please have you all a wonderful new month ahead.

Ken Riches said...

Looks like an amazing meal! (wish I could eat lobster, but I am allergic, can eat all other shellfish, what is up with that?)

Love the fence at Master King's place :o)

Dar said...

Mercy, Man, I haven't had fresh caught lobster since I was a Jersey Girl over eeek, 40 yrs. When they cook them in front of you, you can hear them wince as they boil...just thought you'd want to know, but they still taste so darned fantastic in that drawn butter.
Also, I see Paul Bunyan got around. We have a big fella 45 min. to the east catering to the tourist of summer.
Have an awesome hike. Hug your sweet Sherry for me, aw shucks, hug yourself too. ( Can you touch your fingers behind your back? Ha! )

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» would be in his glory at that Cruise In Café!
Here's a '55 'vette. The side scallop appeared on the '56s. The '58s got the quad headlights.

Chatty Crone said...

I remember the tails of Paul Bunyan. And those lobsters looked delish. Stephen King was so sickly is he still alive?

Sheila Y said...

I used to read a lot of Steven King's work. I keep saying I'm going to read 'Misery' but I haven't yet. Loved all the pics, those lobsters sure looked good. The motorcycle and sidecar reminded me of the one Barney got on the Andy Griffith show. And for Chatty, yes he is still alive, saw him on TV not to long ago. Take care, Sheila