Sunday, September 2, 2012

Testing on the Appalachian Trail…

Sherry and I had great plans to impress the boys with a BREAKFAST in a hardware store in Monson. We had coffee at home and drove to Monson, had a great trip. I never understand words once the car is going , but the boys and their mom had a great time.

In Monsoon, the hardware is closed! Then we tied Shaw’s Hostel, the cook said they probably didn’t have enough for 4 breakfasts, sent us to a filling station where we bought breakfast sandwiches, then off to the trail.

Mark and I donned our packs and we walked in on the trail after passing this warning:

Monson 2 003Monson 2 001

(That is Mark going ahead of Sherry thru a Bog)

Of course we were going only a mile or so. e walked about 2.5 miles totaled. Mark found he needed to adjust his shoes, he was trying to get a blister.  It was a great day for a hike.

Monson 2 002

(Couple beautiful ponds on the short trip)

After the hike, we let the boys drive. They had a ball. Turned around a couple times to go back and check out things. Once to see if a Meat house had Moose jerky! No, so Jack bought some beef jerky anyway.

Then they wanted their pictures beside this sign.

Monson 2 006

Then they stopped at an old grave yard. Like Paula, we find this interesting. Looking at names and dates.

Monson 2 012

There were a lot of war heroes here from several wars, even the Civil war. I read it and read it, and still did not understand it. Other than he was wounded in the lung in the last battle.

Monson 2 018

There was this one, Born 1787 died 1844.

Monson 2 017

Monson 2 014

Then something interesting to me, a fast shot of a tractor grave yard.

Monson 2 009

Driving thru Maine I am always amazed at the huge old houses. I shot this one on the run, you cannot see the big barn behind it, but together they are huge.

Monson 2 010

Our neighbors said the Tall ships were down in Camden. then Jack said, ‘Hey that is close to Owls Head, the antique motorcycles and planes are there also. So we might head that way in a few.

Thanks for going with us.

Nite Shipslog


One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.


Cadillac dealership 1927

Cadillac Dealership


1930 caddy Roadster a V16


Lucy said...

Loved this entry and the pictures are great. I had lobster, a bite one time when the cook sneaked one and cooked it for his favorite waitresses. What little I had was good but I would not want a lot of it. Are you sure you aren't going to fall off a mountain? I can picture you getting up and saying " I am good". To me, that would be "Jack."

Dar said...

Sounds and looks like you'll are having a time of your lives. One to write a book about? Continue the memories with those handsome boys.

Jean said...

That sign scared me. Be-care-ful!

~mel said...

Is that sign about the 100 miles you and crew are going on??
So ~ be honest here ... was there a bit of hesitation or "am I sure this is what I want to do?" when reading that warning sign?? I understand your wanting to finish the last leg of this trip; but is the timing REALLY REALLY right?? Are you sure you're not leaving the wrong time of the year? I'll be honest with you ~ I'm concerned. You're UP NORTH - and the weather can change in a heart beat this time of the year. Pack your long johns (ski skins are super light weight and super warm... worth their weight in gold) ~ you'll be thanking me for this advice in the middle of the night. Plus, seriously be careful of the moose and deer - rutting season is coming on and you just never know what can happen then, and the bear are fattening up before hibernation... just something to think about. Boy!! I wish I was going with you ~ it really is going to be exhilarating and fun:)

~mel said...

me again ... Mom was just over and I was telling her about your upcoming adventure. I also mentioned my concerns and you know what she said, "Oh ye of little faith." "They'll be fine. I'm sure they'll be putting it all in The Lord's Hand." Yes, Momma ~ you got it right on the head. Those boys will be fine:)... but I still wish I was going with you. Oh Happy Day!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay that sign would have me turning back.

So were the breakfast sandwiches good?

And I thought the hike started tomorrow - is that right - is everyone there?

Good luck and have fun.

I love old graves like that.


Ken Riches said...

Good idea for a test trek. Looks like a great day with your family.

Paula said...

I even like the tractor grave yard. I tagged along Geocaching with the girls in some grave yards in the hill country last week. Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your effort and this journey to places I wouldn't have seen else.

No rain still. No clouds.

Please have you all a good new week ahead.


Love the tractor graveyard. Old cemeteteries are interesting too. Testing the water for your BIG hike is a great idea. ENJOY. Take care.

Y said...

I see you posted a photo of "Sherry's new great grand" This is also your new great grand, even if you don't want the kid to know it. HaHa.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like you all had a great time and will be having more of them. Seems there is lots to see there even without going on the AT. I had a great day with some of my family until late evening when my youngest son took his dogs out for a walk and they all got sprayed by a skunk. We were up till Midnight trying to get rid of the stink....not a good ending to the day but am hoping today is better.