Friday, September 14, 2012

Gordon Bloodworth


(Taken from the net)

Our new friend Gordon and I took a shower and meal while waiting for Sherry & Jack to drive the near 100 miles to pick us up in Millinocket.  I learned some things about Gordon. 

Gordon Glenda

(From the net)

He and Fred were friends in Kenya. Gordon is the past President of a College in Kenya, he has been in Kenya for 38 years. He and his wife (Both of them Missionaries) are home on vacation. He stepped down as President, and is now (as well as I can tell) sorta second in command with less responsibility, he loves teaching and now teaches.


He was unable to arrange a flight the day we came back so he was with us here in the Motor home for a couple days. No ‘Elite mind’ in our friend Gordon. I told him he could stay with us in the motor home, if he did not mind sleeping on the floor. That was fine with him.

With Mark still on the trail (at that time) that meant still only 4 in here. We (especially Jack)loved the fellowship. He and Gordon got along well, both following the same sports teams.

So Gordon spent some quality time alone with both our sons. Jack, here at the Motor home while we were out locating Mark.  And the day he hiked with Mark, while I was aiding friend Fred and catching up. They will never forget that time spent with our their new, ‘elite’ friend from Kenya.

Anyone who entertains as we do, (very basic IN TIGHT QUARTERS), can appreciate the ‘company’ who is not ‘finicky or picky’.  Gordon was neither. We appreciated Fred bringing him along and the pleasure of getting to know Gordon.

We thrilled to the (few) stories and tales he told, with Gordon, it is seldom “ME”. When he does talk, it is mostly about you. It is easy to understand his success as a teacher and missionary.  We have had a couple folk sleep on our floor, but having a Professor sleep there, was very new. LOL.

Not sure if Gordon will read this, but for a fact, the pleasure was ours in getting to know Gordon and his ‘history’.  His beginning was very austere. With losing his father in his early childhood and living in an orphanage.  Working his way thru HS and then 8 years at college. This man shares our philosophy of ‘Owe no man’, and is very frugal. 


Thanks to Fred and what appeared to be a failed mission, we are MUCH MORE BLESSED TO HAVE A NEW FRIEND, and I will always remember spending time with a man who is “WALKING TALL”, in places I will only dream about.

To my friends, Fred and Gordon, thanks for your contributions of making lives better for the many. But a special thanks for making life more exciting and pleasurable to us few.  Love you guys.

Thanks for reading the log.

Nite Shipslog


Being a family man, and knowing the stress on the marriage partner in major life decisions, I asked Gordon, How does Glenda feel about living in Kenya?

“If she was unhappy, I would not be there! When Glenda says ‘I want to go home’, she is referring to Kenya!”




Wouldn’t it be great to have a rumble seat today!!!

1937 Packard with R/S!


Chatty Crone said...

WHAT A PLEASURE TO KNOW SUCH A MAN! I say what a pleasure to read about men like this are in existence - gives one a lot of hope. Thanks for posting!

Sheila Y said...

It was no where near a failed got to spend time with an old friend and a new friend, plus your sons. They got to try something new and you got to do it with them...great memories all around. And you all proud :-D. Have a great weekend! Sheila

Anonymous said...

My feeling about you is that you never really fail at anything...for many reasons, but mostly because of your attitude...a quite good one the majority of the time. ~Mary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know how you managed to track down your son on the trail but truly it must have been a treat to have Gordon a long. I agree with the above comments about it not being a failed mission...maybe not what you thought it would be but still good anyway you want to look at it. It's raining and cooler here today and looks and feels like fall. Many of the trees are starting to turn.

Paula said...

Very interesting post about your friends, new and old. As long as you all tried it was not a failed mission.

Lucy said...

How nice that you r new friend was so interesting. I think you all accomplished an amazing feat.

Dar said...

Every second of this entry captured me. Your love of family and friendship has taken you many directions, and now Kenya with your friendship with Gordon. We all are so blessed to be able to come along on your ventures through your sincere words. I understand the bonds between such powerful friendships. What a treasure-trove week you all have had.
BlessYourHearts and HugsAllAround

shirl72 said...

Fred amd Gordon sound like very
easy people to be with. They both
have lived interesting lives and
I'm sure they enjoyed the experience.

You all have added memories
that each one will cherish.