Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Old homes of Maine, some show it Others do not

I have commented before about the huge homes up here in the North East. Most were so in the bitter winters they could have access to their barns and farm animals. Also to have room for the large families to move around and not get cabin fever.

Monson 2 010Tallships cars planes and motorcy 001

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 003Tallships cars planes and motorcy 140Tallships cars planes and motorcy 141

Above are some of the nicer large homes we passed. Sadly some actually look like this

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 143 - Copy

You know this house had many a glory day. Children were born here and some probably lay a-corpse, during a wake. A sadness to know, now it is an actual danger.

All these were shot on the go as many of Sandie’s barns are.

At the car show/Museum there was this 1914 S.B. rocket.

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 128Tallships cars planes and motorcy 129Tallships cars planes and motorcy 130

Cute car just could not compete with the T-model.

And yes Shirl, there was an Isetta:

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 126

And a homemade Isetta look alike

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 125

Plus an early attempt to build a flying machine. These wings that flapped but did not get off the ground were actual white chicken feathers woven into chicken wire.

Tallships cars planes and motorcy 133

Can’t say he didn’t try.

Thanks for reading this. At this time Fred and Gordon are in the air headed for Bangor. I will try to make one more entry before we leave out on Wednesday morning.

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The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.


Tallships cars planes and motorcy 096

I believe this is a Rolls Royce Landau from Owl Head, ME


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The time is really short now for your AT adventure. I loved seeing those old homes, except the one falling down of course. It's true, up north we do spend a lot of time indoors in the winter and having a large home would make it a little more inviting, but the cost of heating one would be enormous I think. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Dar said...

That first big house reminded me of my daughters farm house, a home of the late 1800's that they are restoring. They sure are impressive. I would love to flip the fallen one into something wonderful again.
I'm glad to see you all taking in some of the sights while you are all together in one place.
Have a wonderful hike. Watch out for slippery rocks and mossy bogs. I know you mostly will be mountain high, but I still will worry about you boys. Please give Fred a hug for me and tell him how happy I am for him to be healthy enough to do this with you. Hug Sherry for me too. Happy Trails
LoveYouGuys and StepSafely

Dar said...

One more thing, just how long do you boys figure this hike will take?...given perfect conditions?
Just curious.

Paula said...

The last house looks so interesting. Wouldn't you like to know all the stories about it and what when on there? You all be veeery careful.Maybe Sherry will post for you, huh?

shirl72 said...

I'm with Dar check into the house
that is fallen down. We can
buy it and do some renovations
and make it a vacation home.

Love seeing the cars. Where is
Louis he has not been commenting
on the cars.

Getting close to time for the trail
good luck.

~mel said...

Best of luck tomorrow ~ I posted a picture on my blog for you guys:)

Love ya ~ and can't wait to hear about the stories from the BIG HIKE!!

Anonymous said...

Feels indeed as if being from a different time, the houses. The last one, as if from a dream, great picture.

Found a sentence in your book, which I liked much ;)

Please have a good Wednesday you all.

Rose said...

Loved all the photos of the old, large homes in Maine. Especially the one that is rundown. I'm sure there are many stories behind all those walls.


Hugs, Rose

Sherry said...

Jack Jr. and I took the hikers to the trail today. They started out at about 12:30 pm. Haven't heard from them yet. Probably trying to save their batteries. I will try to keep Jack's blogger friends updated here on comments when I hear from him. Sherry

Lucy said...

I didn't get a chance to make a last comment before he left but he needs to know I have not put any knots on Joes head and we think we solved the leaks. Took from about 9:00 AM to 10:00 pm.. These old houses are a pain. Anxious to hear the adventures.

Cher' Shots said...

I want to wish you and your fellow hikers the best of luck loaded with lots of love and prayers. I admire you so much.
'love & hugs from afar'

Sherry said...

Fred wasn't quite ready for the trail and he had sense enough to know he needs a little more time to prepare. We picked him up yesterday and he rested here last night. Then we took him to the airport today. He should be back in Tennessee by now. He will probably update everyone on his blog. Jack, Mark and Gordon are still on the trail. Will update when I hear from them again. Thanks for your prayers and concern. Sherry

Woody said...

Keeping them in my thoughts and Prayers for a "Safe and Enjoyable Journey", They will do fine !

~mel said...

No shame in Fred leaving the hike ~ I APPLAUD him and the accomplishment he made! No matter what distance he made on the AT it's no comparison to the distance he's covered in the last year battling his cancer. Fred - you're a trooper!! Continuing prayers :) for all. Love you. Sherry ~ hang in there ... I can only imagine your own concerns not being right out there beside your man on this one. I admire your strength.

Have a wonderful day!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I am sure you are on your hike - I put all of you in my prayer journal.

I love the big houses and that one that is collapsing - that was something in it's heyday.

Now to me drive by shootings are good because at least you get something!

And I like this quote:
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

It is so true.

Good luck.

Woody said...

Hoping there making progress on their walk, hope things are OK,
keeping them in our Prayers.
Gary & Anna Mae

Debbie said...

Hi Sherry,
I'm not blogging at the present time but have tried to keep up with you & Jack, and another friend.Though I haven't been commenting, I must admit I have been really worried about Jack, Mark, and your friends on this adventure into the wilderness. I know your worry and concern for them is keeping you on pins and needles every second of the day and night when you've had no contact with them for awhile. I'm glad Fred knew he wasn't quite up to par for an adventure such as this before he got too deep into the wilderness.

Thank you for updating everyone on the progress of their travels here in the comment section.

Love you guys!