Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some things they said (and more)

(Our day on the road as some of you read this, we are headed for Moody, ME.)

Here are some of the written comments of the Hikers we encountered:

Ron Sears…. aka ‘Preacherman’


Murray Cornish.. “Love the Trail Angels, I am here from Australia.”

Marshall Morrison /Tina Castle, Washington, DC

“Thank YOU!”

Bryan Amper  aka ‘ZEKE’

“Thank you and God Bless”  Smile

Honeymoon Couple:  “Thank you for the Trail Magic, This is great.  God Bless! Walk with Jesus” e-mail: honeymoonhikers2012@gmail.com

‘Late 4 Dinner’ (Santa hat): “Thank you guys for the sandwiches and good company! SmileGod Bless.”Red heart ‘Late 4 Dinner’.


“Thanks for the trail Magic.” Hiker Ike, PA.

“Thank you for the hospitality and generosity.”


Above are the reasons folks support the thru-hikers. We have been on the receiving end of fresh water and apples. Hikers are so appreciative of anything you do. They appreciate clean water most of all.


(Girl scouts at the Rattle River Lean-to near Gorham, NH)

It is an international community out there. Yes, we sometimes make contact later. We have two good friends from Orlando, Florida that we met in Virginia. ‘Chilly Willie and Just Ray’, we have stayed in contact and had dinners together. We have been able to assist them on the trail a couple times.


(Sir Richard (UK), just a short visit in passing, nice guy)

But mostly it is a short conversation in passing between hikers on the trail, or an evening of swapping life’s stories around a fire.

All in all it is a “faith in the younger generation” builder, when you see a determined young HS or college student pushing to walk over 2,000 miles in one summer.  And a Respect for the older generation, who set out to prove they are not quite ready for the rest home. Surprising to most are the solo FEMALE hikers, young and old, who are proving something to their families and themselves.


(Cricket above and lady Lee below, opposite ends of the scale for the ladies.)


Then there are the complete non conformists who home school their kids, as they spend time in the wild.

Life on the AT is educational and interesting, to say the least.

Thanks for following along.

Nite Shipslog


Your mind is like a parachute....it functions only when open.



Sherry found a ‘49 Ford and ‘49 Chevy

Here in Bangor.


DD said...

I see you having a wonderful time and good conversation with everyone you meet. :) and you are making me want to hike the AT!

I like the quote about the parachute. I may need that sometimes...lol.

betty said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Sherry by the cars; beautiful woman among fine looking cars. Safe travels today! I am amazed at the women alone hiking the AT. I actually stand in awe of them that they would undertake such an adventure by themselves. I am sure it is a learning experience in so many different ways for anyone that "tackles" it. What an adventure you and Sherry have had doing it and then sharing your time on the trail with us.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have some wonderful memories of life on the AT . Meeting people from all over the world is an education in itself. It's a dull rainy day in Ohio and getting much cooler here. We'll see a few days in the 70's yet this week but 60's are going to rule. Hope you are now headed to warmer weather.

Fred Alton said...

Wonderful people on the trail! I'm glad I have made my start on walkiing this trail and look forward to putting many miles and smiles behind me. The people are all very interesting but I did not feel like taking time to talk very much to them - altho I did swap brief greetings with half dozen or so. When I'm stronger I'll enjoy meeting more and will write down names. I thoroughly enjoy all the tips and hints you continue to give here. If a group of girl scouts can do it ... If a blind man can do it ... if an 85 year old woman can do it ... what's to hinder a young man like me! ☺

Lucy said...

My mind is worn out from dealing with my computer but just had to tell you. this is a great entry. It is amazing how many people hike and how different they all seem.

Chatty Crone said...

I can feel your comradely (?) again with these people and the feeling of hiking. There is something in your blood that they have too and Sherry too. An adventurers soul.

Anonymous said...

You 2 approach everything with such enthusiasm. You are never stagnant either. May you be offered much water & many apples(& maybe some cheesecake too).~Mary

Paula said...

Interesting entry as always.

shirl72 said...

Very good artical on hiking. I
think I would rather be the angel
with food than doing the hiking.

I'm sure it would be a surprise to
see the angels with a food spread. WOW. Hope your trip
back home is safe.

PS Love to see the cars. I want
us to visit Harold Russell's antique cars when you get home. Pull him up on the net.