Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ON THE ROAD.. To us, there is nothing like being on the ROAD…

We left Bangor, Maine and drove a little over a hundred miles south to Moody Beach, ME. That section of ME on the coast is referred to by the natives as, ‘Down East’.
We did not get to see Judy, a good friend, The weather just did not cooperate. Then Off to Hershey, PA for a couple days. We are going to stop there and pick up a few pounds of chocolate from Messie’s Candy Store over in Lancaster. Maybe we will get to see Dan and Joan also.
Then off to North Carolina and our home base in Belmont. We are destination bound this time due to a Class reunion of the ‘Class of ‘56’, Sherry’s class. Yep, she is the educated one in this family. I nor my boys graduated HS.  All three of us have obtained a GED though, so we are not completely ignorant!  LOL.
Scanoldpic9 042
(Sherry’s Graduation Picture, my girl!)
We love the road, moving day is always exciting, WHAT WILL WE SEE TODAY? Every trip, without fail, I look over at my love of 56 years and say, “I am the luckiest guy in he world!”
Then we both will say, we are blessed.  I usually say, “I think I am God’s favorite guy!”
Travel? We love it. I guess it is Gypsy blood or something similar.
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
Sign in a Hotel, Zurich :
1906 Mason car
1908 Mason Car, sure rhymes with Mason Jar.


Chatty Crone said...

Jack - she is not only beautiful on the outside - she is beautiful on the inside. You are blessed and I am sure she is too!

Be careful out there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful deadline...for that class reunion. A stop for some Chocolate isn't a bad thing at all either. I'm glad you are headed south. It's a chilly start to the day here in Ohio. I haven't yet turned the heat on as here in the house it is reading 67 degrees...outside it was 41 this morning. When the thermometer hits 65 in here though the heat will come on. I'll be praying for a safe and happy trip for you all.

DD said...

Hi Jack (and Sherry),

Yes, your girl is beautiful. You are lucky to have found her and she is, as well, to have you.

Isn't is wonderful to be living in God's "Sonshine"?

Have a good time over in Hershey. Watch the Have a nice and safe trip home.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Safe travels...wave as you go by...!!

betty said...

Oh my gosh, Hershey! Enjoy!! That's a wish of mine to get there some day! Love Sherry's graduation picture!! How fun for her to be going to her reunion!! Safe travels!


Jean said...

Beautiful graduation picture of Sherry. You guys take care and have a safe trip back home.

Woody said...

Love that Chocolate, glad all are safe and soundfrom being up on the AT, I bet your glad to be back on the road again.
Safe Travels to you 2 !

Gary & Anna Mae

PS: I was a little worried when that storm hhit us and headed for Maine.

Dar said...

Look at your gorgeous bride, and she hasn't changed. Sherry, dear girl, you are still as beautiful inside and out, as ever. I say that like I've known you all my life, well, it feels that way. I appreciate your genuine friendship.
Glad to see you traveling again. I know how you two love doing that. I pray you do it as long as possible.
Love the saying at the end of the last entry about the parachute.
Oh, I think you are right up there with my Dad as being a fav of God's. You both are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Always wishing you two a safe road ahead and a wonderful day as can be.

Paula said...

Beautiful picture of Sherry. Class reunions are so much fun. We had our 50th severaly years ago but our class is dwindling down so I don't know if we will have another or not. We do have an all school reunion every year but I don't attend that but once in a while.

Rose said...

Jack you are the luckiest guy in the world and Sherry is the luckiest gal.

I love my favorite couple!

We have to meet one of these days when you drive down to Florida!

Hugs, Rose

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee.... Mason car, mason jar - the jar sure outlived the car!

Lucy said...

You are lucky to have Sherry and she is so pretty on top of it. You are also lucky to have someone who likes to travel as much as you do. Maybe that is what keeps you both looking so young.

Sheila Y said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip back home. I know Shirl will be glad to see you. I'm glad I noticed, word check changed Shirl to whirl...ha, she is a bit of a whirlwind though isn't she? Busy, busy, busy. Love from NC, Sheila

Anonymous said...

You are a great guy, but please...we all know what a good deal you have in Sherry. She is hot & kind & basically just right for you. ~Mary