Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shucks, we are still celebrating

Last night Shirl and Smoky took Sherry and I to the Wood Shed Steak House in Stanley, NC. It is one of the best eating places in this area.


I forgot to take pictures inside, the above is Shirl in the car and Smoke on the other side. Look at the moon in the upper left.

We had a great time. While there One of Sherry’s classmates came over for a chat. He had been at the class reunion on Saturday night.

I like the Woodshed, they have two model trains that run over head as you  eat. I always liked model trains, not as much as cars, but I do like them. Smoky had a new Ford and it rides great.


(Above is the nice couple leaving our home after delivering us back)

It is nice to have family and friends who want to help you celebrate.  Smoke and Shirl still entertain some but not as much as they used to. They would have sung to us tonight but he forgot his guitar. Smoke is originally form Texas, but he is still a good guy. LOL

Hope you all are having a great fall. The girls up in Wisconsin (Dar & Mel) are enjoying Darla & Bill’s potato crop. Lucy is still bragging on Joe and Paula is smelling a skunk. I am enjoying the blogs and reading the comments.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments and well wishes on our anniversary. We have had a great ride. I am not just being gracious, but the success of this marriage rests mostly with Sherry. She is honestly an amazing lady, the best.

We are both fortunate to have had great parents and siblings. She has two brothers left and I have Shirl, we both love them dearly. When you reach this age you realize more and more how precious life, family and friends are.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


The irony of life is that, by the time
you're old enough to know your way
around, you're not going anywhere.
Also when you get to where
you can afford steaks and ice cream, it's not healthy to eat them.



I believe this is a Jubilee (9N) or an 8N FORD!


Paula said...

Awww how nice of Shirl and Smokey to take you two out. Sounds like a really nice place to celebrate. Be nice to Smokey 'cause anyone from Texas has to be OKAY.

Helen said...

Sounds great! Glad that you all had a good time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With a marriage like the two of you have, it's worth celebrating everyday. I think you do too in one way or another! It's another rainy one in Ohio today. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry,

It's absolutely uncanny, the many things our lives have in common. I just caught up on your blogs after returning from the cabin again yesterday. Did you know that Frances wanted to be a medical doctor - and gave up that pursuit for marriage? Then - while we were at Nashville (Donelson Church) she went to Nursing School a semester but then dropped out because we moved to upper East TN. Funny how things in our lives have taken many of the same interests - yet different turns at different times. I worked a little (little is the key-word) in the housebuilding trade. We were both preachers. We both served in the military with you in the Navy and me in the C.G. and many other things. Of course I cannot compare myself to you when it comes to excellence...but I still like it.

Shirl seems like a personal acquaintance because of our friendship altho we've never met and we seldom hear from each other here in cyber-space (mostly because she so seldom blogs).

I'm sure glad you met and married Sherry and that we became friends.

betty said...

always think it is neat to continue celebrations of special days after the special day as long as possible! Dinner sounded like a great time! Fall hasn't happened here yet, heck we are due to high temps this weekend.

I totally agree with your thought, Jack, of how important family is, especially as we get older. Our siblings know us the longest (after our parents of course, but at our age, most of our parents have already passed). It is nice to have that connection with family indeed! (both sides of the generations too, the young ones and the old ones)


Anonymous said...

If any couple deserves to keep celebrating, it is you 2. You cherish your family & they cherish you. ~Mary

Lucy said...

That was nice of Shirl and friend to take you out to eat. Better than being stuck in the dungeon for 2 days and , oh yes ...I enjoy Joe...Read my entry to day and you will understand why. At times I question his ideas. Refer to blog!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Is Shirl your sister right - very pretty lady and yes it is nice to have relatives close by.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis'» paternal grandfather had a Ford tractor like that one!