Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unbelievable Mice and Chipmunks


Area covered between Hurd Brook Shelter and the night spot.


The very end of a bog, back into the R &R (Roots and Rocks)


South end of Rainbow lake above and a view of Mt. Katahdin (Summit in the clouds) from atop Rainbow Mt..(On Katahdin you can see an angled light streak to the right. that is one trail to the top, Sherry and I climbed it 3 yrs ago)


I took the above pictures before catching up to Mark and Gordon. I was hoping they would  stop at Rainbow Springs Camp site. It was only 7 miles, the Lean-to we had agreed to meet was 11+ miles.  I was not going that far. After an hour or so in the dark I spotted a large camp fire. I figured Mark might be there. He ran out to the trail to give me a bear hug.


(Left is Gordon’s tent, Right is Mark’s)

Their tents were already up of course (they had been there a few hours) and Gordon said I was sleeping with him. He had a two man tent, I called his the Tajmahal. I did not turn down the invite. A thru hiker, Rus, told everyone the mice were bad.  Mark heard something on Gordon's pack. Gordon took his light over to his pack that was hanging in a tree, he hit the pack with his stick and a mouse came out a hole he had already eaten, looked at Gordon and climbed the rope back up in the tree.

I immediately checked my pack which was hung by Mark’s and a big mouse was on mine, he climbed the rope and into the tree. I never thought of mice in trees before. Nothing to do but turn in and hope for the best, after talking awhile.


(Morning Mark!)

Next morning I was introduced to the local Chipmunk, meet Alvin:


He is within 2-3 feet of me. that cracker he has he got out of Mark’s pack. Brazen fellow. He sat up and spun that cracker around and around ad he nibbled it down.


Gordon down at the spring beside Rainbow lake.


This spring was piped out, simple to draw your water!


Note how clear this lake is and calm this morning great for a reflection shot!WILDERNESS 035

Time to break camp and head toward Rainbow stream lean-to for lunch.


Mark left Gordon and I, saying he would see us at the lean-to.

We passed this little lady. Miss Lee, from Ohio, she is 80 yrs young. Gordon went on but I stayed and asked if I could take her picture, she said sure, she took off her kerchief, and brushed thru her hair. I said, “All you girls are alike.” She said she had seen Mark, and asked where he had been when she needed help with her pack!.  So I kissed Miss Lee on the cheek, she said ‘Thank you!’  I headed on after Gordon.


We passed some beautiful scenery.


When I arrived at the Rainbow Stream lean-to Mark had been waiting on us Gordon was already across the log.


Mark ran across the log to get my picture. (He had an ulterior motive).WILDERNESS 051

He wanted me to walk back out on the log and take this picture after he climbed the cliff. WILDERNESS 056

After this picture Mark mounted his pack , and said, “ I’m headed for Wadleigh Shelter, if you guys don’t make it I am going on see you in a few days.”

Gordon and I had a snack for lunch and headed out behind him. Some beautiful scenery, and more breaks on the rocks that called for us to sit and rest.


We headed on into the evening looking for a camp site, we were NOT going to make the Wadleigh Lean-to.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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On the menu of a Swiss Restaurant:



1952 Chrysler Saratoga


Helen said...

Hard to believe a little skinny 80 year old lady was doing that trail by herself. There was a lot of pretty scenery and a lot of rough places to walk.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that 80 yr old lady will still be trailing when many of us are dead. ~Mary

Glenda said...

Beautiful photos, envy your views, but not the effort! Love the 80 year old lady, that's inspiration, sounds like you guys are having a great time!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those mice and chipmunks were hungry guys. We fought them all the time when camping in the woods...Now my camper is sold and no more camping for me...hopefully no more mice either. Rocks and roots is the name of that trail for's hard to believe it's a hiking trail. Nice that they do have some lean to shelters for you all. I loved the pictures and have to congratulate that 80 year old hiker. Sure puts me to shame. I don't know if I could have done it when I was forty. Hope you are now getting some R and R of a different sort.

shirl72 said...

Well it is beautiful but would
not like a visit from the mice.

80 years old and on the trail, hard
to believe. She looked in good
health. I bet Gordon was glad
to be on his way home. Glad you are off the trail look forward to everyone being back in NC.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful world, where alike is possible.

Thank you for this journey, your effort of allowing us a glimpse of that adventure. Please have you all a good Thursday.

Dar said...

The first photos with all of the roots and rock must be some treacherous traveling during a rain. I'm glad it was a dry hike for you all. So, did Mark continue without you? If so, I would imagine you will be picking him up soon., unless I missed something...either way, What a Trail. In my good days, I would have loved hiking it. What, no mouse traps? lol, they are full of protein for just such a hike...but you would never see me eat one.

Paula said...

Interesting post and pictures. I bet Miss Lee could tell some interesting stories about her life. Do you ever contact anyone you met on the trail by phone later or is that not good manners in the hiking world?

Louis la Vache said...

WOW! It's been a LOOOOONG time since «Louis» has seen a '52 Chrysler!

Chatty Crone said...

An 80 year old woman puts me to shame!!!

The photos if what you were able to see were awesome.

And I bet the friendship bond got deeper.

Sorry you had to leave.