Saturday, September 15, 2012

There are logging Roads and then there are LOGGING ROADS!

I was raised down south and loved to spend time in the woods and through them to the river. I liked to wander in the mountains. When we came to a road used many years ago, grown up but still two ruts where wagons hauled small logs and horses snaked large logs, we knew it was a logging road, or had been.

wilderness2 007

The AT crosses all kinds of roads, but up here in the North East you could get run over on a LOGGING ROAD. Some of these are dirt, but made for tractor and trailers. These guys do 40-60 mph in these big mamas in some places. Leaving dust that will choke you for minutes.

We had a problem when Gordon and I left the trail. How do we tell Mark we are not behind him? After getting Gordon’s ticket arranged, we left him with Jack and took off to a logging road that might intersect Mark. The first crossing there was no luck. We worked around to another spot on a rough road, and waited. Finally a couple came out headed North. The girl from Denmark and the man from Poland. We had some fresh water and some crackers and candy that they really appreciated. They remembered Passing Mark, we missed him again, But he was well and headed for a particular shelter. So home again where Gordon and Jack were having a good time, enjoying games on TV and two on the computers.

wilderness2 011

(The hiker pointing out to Sherry where they saw Mark and where he said he was headed for the night)

Going over the maps again we found a logging road called Katahdin Iron Works Road that lead a few tenths of a mile from a ford of the West Branch River. A ford he had to take and there was no way he could be past that point. We went prepared to spend the night if necessary.

wilderness2 020

We loaded up with the fixings for ham & cheese sandwiches. Coffee, fresh water, cakes, candy, bananas and apples.  We were gonna play Trail Angels as we waited. This was really fun.Hikers love fresh stuff, and food they do not have to prepare.

wilderness2 021wilderness2 023wilderness2 024

We also had Ice cold Pepsi’s! ‘Preacherman’ was our first customer

wilderness2 029wilderness2 037wilderness2 045wilderness2 048wilderness2 050

The Hiker above, ‘Late 4 Dinner’, practically ran across the ford without removing his boots to get to the food!

Finally the hiker we were looking for MARK!

wilderness2 047

Mama was sure glad he made it, and it was getting late. He too, was glad to get a ham & Cheese sandwich.

We stuck around until all our customers were satisfied. and started hauling stuff back to the car. After everything was gone I was taking care of the fire, when three more hikers came down. They had heard of the sandwiches and were sorely disappointed. I said if you don’t mind walking another 2/10th mile I am sure we have enough left. All they wanted to know was which direction?

At the car we sat up again.

wilderness2 052

Once they were eating Sherry found out the couple was “The Honeymoon Hikers”. Sherry follows their journal, they were married at the beginning of the trail. Zeke was wearing a Santa hat.

wilderness2 055

We headed home, our mission accomplished. Mark came home with us, ready to rest his feet after walking over 50 miles.

This is what I saw in Milo, ME.

wilderness2 059

It was so brilliant on the steeple I turned around and went back for a photo.

wilderness2 061

Sherry caught the sunset, the end to a perfect day! (but not the adventure)

Tomorrow, Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park and also Bar Harbor.

Thanks for coming by the log.

NIte Shipslog


In the past few days we have met folks from Switzerland, Australia, Denmark and Poland.

Also other foreign countries (to mention some) such as D.C., Miami and Memphis. LOL



I stopped to look at this ‘55 Chevy, the man had $55K in it he said but would take *&*&%^%&^^ $49k today. The owner had a filthy mouth. Of course I let him keep it. that is an Ambassador in the right Background.


Helen said...

Bet Mark was glad to see you two especially with some food.

Anonymous said...

How life can, how life should be.

Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

betty said...

My gosh, I read back a few of your entries, Jack; Gordon does seem like a wonderful man to have done some of the trail with and to have met! And what generosity you and Sherry have to open up your motor home like this. Truly an adventure indeed! Love the pictures you shared; how neat too to be a Trail Angel and the people you and Sherry met including the Honeymoon Hikers; how cute!! It does sound like you have been enjoying your time on the AT; good for Mark doing 50 miles of it too!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I bet Mark was glad to see you all and the food. It's hard to imagine all the people that are out there hiking the AT. You both were trail angels for sure. What a welcome site it must be to find you have real food and drinks after so many hours of doing without. I'm a spoiled person for sure. I've never been any place that I couldn't take along my comforts like that. I'm looking forward to more sights from Maine. It's to be a cool night here in the 40's.

Sheila Y said...

I imagine they were all thrilled to see you trail angels there with all that food and drink. Such a sweet thing to do for all those hikers. Hope your weekend is going well...Roll Tide... Sheila :-)

Chatty Crone said...

As I was and have been following you along the trip - I realize that it is much more than a hike. It is a personal sense of accomplishment. The comradeship of meeting new people from all over the world. And it is sharing and the breaking of bread together. No wonder it is something you and Sherry treasure.

Paula said...

Like those Trail Angels! It's late and I'm behind and this is the second time to try to comment.

shirl72 said...

I know Mark was glad to see you.

Trail Angels do a good job and
You and Sherry are good ones.
What a treat for the hikers finding
food. That would be fun just
being a Trail Angel.


Lucy said...

I can see why you love hiking. Meeting all of those new people and all the different personalities. That is cool, The Honeymoon hikers.

~mel said...

ahhh... you put a warm spot in the ol' heart ~ how fortunate for those fellow hikers to come across the Trail Angels:) I can certainly understand why you love it so.

DD said...

I have enjoyed hiking, but never have done any camping. I have always wondered if I was missing something. Now I know I it too late? Lol.
Thanks for and enjoyable read.

Bookncoffee said...

Your hiking trip looks and sounds so much fun! I'm typing from my iPhone using an app called flipboard. So much easier to comment.