Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Presents

jc higgins 1950

(This is a ‘50 Higgins, mine was a ‘36 Indian could find no picture, but it looked like this)

It is strange how life had emerged or morphed for Sherry and I. We both remember the early childhood anticipation of Christmas. Even the early marriage of the ‘surprise gifts’ for each other.  Then of course the children and the great Christmas surprises.

But now, comfortable in our own shells, we seldom exchange gifts.  God has blessed us and we seldom want (or have room) for anything else. So we are very happy with the physical presents, This morning it was a loving appreciation of her glow and a wonderful KISS as I held her very close, while still in our ‘sleepsack’.

(Sleepsack: something like a queensize sleeping bag with sheets held inside with velcro, also makes the bed easy to make up)

It is amazing how those kisses get sweeter every year. That girl is one great ‘kisser’. Back when we dated in my ‘48 Chevy, very little traffic on the roads,  this sweet thing, turned around facing back and  lay across the front seat, hugged my neck and kissed me as I drove, I remember one kiss that lasted over five miles!  I was also a very good driver back then.Surprised smile

The one Christmas gift that stands out in my mind was in 1945, my present was a used Indian make, 20” bike. I could not have been happier if it had been a brand new Gold JC Higgins or Road Master bike. That worn out little bike was my first chance at freedom to travel.

At six & seven years old, I rode that little bike all over Burlington, NC. Now moms & dads would be considered negligent, but then life was much simpler and safer.

Every Christmas since 1946 I have thought of how dad stretched to buy me that old bike. God Bless his memory and ability to know what would thrill a little boy.

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It is never the value, but the purpose and meaning of a gift.



This is the car in which Sherry ‘taught’ me to kiss.


Jackie said...

You and your sweet wife make me smile. What a great Christmas you had together...love is like that.
Merry Christmas, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Miss having a bike.

Bought the most expensive item I could find for my wife, and the kid received a Pirat ship from Playmobile. Yes, Christmas was great. Please have you all a wonderful Wednesday.

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good time and back
home. Pictures are beautiful.
Looks like a fun time.

Missed reading your blog.

DD said...

Hi Jack,
I can think of nothing more comforting than loving memories of one's childhood. But, then there is a good marriage. That runs a good race and probably wins...you have both! You are blessed, you and Sherry.
Some of our friends have broken away from the tradition of much gift giving, but my husband is a hopeless romantic. The world would have to come to an end and stop turning before he could break the tradition. He thinks he is Santa...lol.
Christmas cheer, DD

Paula said...

Like that bike. My first one had to be shared with my younger sister but we had lots of fun with it. It was really a surprise to get it back then when money was tight. Like that pretty kissin' car too.

Chatty Crone said...

It doesn't surprise me that you had great and giving and loving parents Jack. How else would you have turned out that sweet? sandie

Glenda said...

Oh my, this latest entry brings to mind when we first met Jack & Sherry (you two were in your early 20s) and I'd never seen so much kissing and hugging! It's heartwarming to know that love has lasted ~ enjoyed all the pics of the Loveboat cruise!

betty said...

What a cool gift of that bike so many years ago! Truly was a gift of freedom indeed! I agree, the best gifts these days are just being together and enjoying the days together!


Dar said...

I love that your Daddy just knew exactly what would make you so happy, that chance to fly with your very own bike...fantastic. You and Sherry had a great cruise. My son and his wife saw those same ports on one of their cruises...so happy for you. Love those turquoise waters....we have white waves of snow.
We had a nice Christmas also, and Bill and I found that same comfort spot of just enjoying others with the gift thing. Like you and Sherry, We have each other.

Ken Riches said...

Love the memory of your first bike...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had a great Christmas Day there. I like that idea of a sleep sack. Sounds warm and cozy. But then there you are in sunny Florida so being warm isn't a problem for you all. We are under a blizzard warning the next 24 hours and expect 8-12 inches of snow. I got a new TV from my kids for Christmas. How TV's have changed. I'm staying in and keeping warm. Maybe watching a few movies.

Sheila Y said...

I've been meaning to stop by and say Welcome back! Glad you both had a great time on the cruise. Loved the pictures. Our stormy Christmas day has turned into a colder windy day after...ha. Rick is going to brave the wind and cold to play golf with his son Derek. I told him he was going to hit the ball on the 8th hole and it would land on the 5th hole...ha. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your girl. Love from L. A. ( Lower Alabama), Sheila