Monday, July 21, 2014

Destination, Hanover, Maine

Today we left Accord, New York and headed thru Vermont, New Hampshire and into Maine.  Oh yes, I have changed my plans and trying to use some common sense, I  will not attack the toughest part of the trail on my first day. We have picked two shorter hikes of around 10 miles each. both have two mountains in them to make sure my knees and legs will hold up.

NY to ME 002

Above was a new wrinkle in my horn. In New York on the way to Albany/Troy I past a Testing pull off. Good idea, but I have a feeling most texters will not use it.

NY to ME 003

shots below of interesting buildings we passed in Albany, the capitol of NY.

NY to ME 004NY to ME 005NY to ME 007

The drives thru Vermont and NH are always beautiful. This is good country up here.  I have this strange idea, as I travel I say to myself, “I wish I had been born in this area.”  I say that because I know we humans like familiarity and HOME (where you were raised) is where we want to go back to.  so there are times my ‘home’ was somewhere elseSmile.

WE crossed Vermont West to East. Not much different than we hiked it a few years ago.The landscape is mountains and farmland.

NY to ME 009NY to ME 011NY to ME 022NY to ME 030

We then turned North and drove along the Vermont side of the Connecticut River. The River separates Vermont from New Hampshire.

NY to ME 036

You are looking across the Connecticut River into New Hampshire.

NY to ME 037

Okay, I will put a picture up that no RV’er likes to see.  Taken about 50 miles after the above shot. Our Fuel stop.

NY to ME 039

Yeah, read and weep. That is 84 Gallons at $4.09 per. But keep in mind

….. we have not filled up since Virginia, 7 states ago. She holds 100 gallons.

……We have not spent the night in a motel nor eaten out too many times.

…..Plus we have slept in the same bed every night just as you do. 

…..We haven’t cut grass, cleaned the gutters and we haven’t paid utilities for our parking.

….Most of all, we have driven thru some of the most beautiful land you can imagine. This is New Hampshire, green and mountainous.

NY to ME 044

You are looking at Mt. Washington below. It is in the Presidential chain of mountains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We have hiked only a small portion (20-30) miles here… We might catch up…

NY to ME 055NY to ME 058

The White Birches of New Hampshire make a beautiful drive.  We seldom drive 8 hours, but today we finish up 8+hrs of driving in Maine, our goal today.

NY to ME 062

Tomorrow I set out in the wilderness and Sherry must stay home play games on the computer and read…

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roosevelt-paeton plymouth

As most folks know, FDR had Polio and could not use his legs, so his car was rigged so he could clutch and change gears all with his hands.



Good luck with your hike. It is beautiful country up there where you're at. I saw my first moose there, years ago.

Paula said...

Yep when you lay it all out on the line that gas bill isn't so bad. You enjoy your hike and Sherry enjoy her quiet time.

betty said...

Good luck with your hiking, Jack!! Looking forward to the updates when you post them! Such beautiful country out there!


JOHN said...

thanks for stopping by and back reading my blog I really enjoy all the pictures you post

Glenda said...

Have not seen the "Text Stop" sign either, it's a great idea! Pretty country you're traveling, be safe on the trail!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have always thought I'd like to visit New Hampshire and now thanks to you I got to see a small part of it. I'm glad you decided to start a little slower with your hike. I'll be looking forward to seeing how you do. Best wishes for a wonderful tramp through the trails.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are starting on a small
trail. Remember age, age. I have
started having trouble with one
knee. Surprise always been able
to do anything. We are there Brother. Take is easy...don't
have but one Brother.

~mel said...

Oh boy ~ here we go again!! Is it just you and the bride? SAFE travels my dears ~ I'll be thinking of you both and holding you in my prayers. When I look at the moon I'll be seeing it with you. Love you both. Keep in touch as much as you can :)

Unknown said...

Be safe and enjoy your hiking. Looking forward to updates.

Woody said...

Good Luck with the Hike and be Careful!!! Just got home from spending 3 days up in Whetstone Gulf State Park, great time !!!!

Annesphamily said...

we have never traveled this area of the states! Beautiful scenery. Love the texting stop! I pull along side people texting all day every day! Aaaaack! Of course, we love our home state of Colorado but we dislike this legalization of marijuana! Ugh! Unsure of the drivers, if they have been drinking or drugging! I am a straight arrow when it comes to all that stuff! I have three lifetime speeding tickets against me, in my entire 60 years of living! That is plenty of bad behavior for me! They all occurred within three years of each other too! Take care and safe travels to you and the Mrs.!