Friday, July 25, 2014

Some more insight on MY Test.

I am noted for my opinion of a wealthy or famous person doing crazy things. I remember a Race Car driver who was killed in his private Helicopter.  Then John Denver losing his life in an experimental plane.


Since it seems more private planes go down than commercial, I wonder what is the compulsion for a private plane. John Kennedy Jr, comes to mind. I could go on but I think of someone who seemingly has everything going for them, taking a chance with their lives when not necessary.

I will say here that up until now I have saw no real life threatening danger in what I was doing.  It was sorta fun and you met some great folk who were of like mind.


My mind (and I am thinking most hikers) works (or worked) 50 ft. ahead on the trail. Giving you time to move and still enjoy the surroundings and wild life. I allowed my mind to pick my steps, i.e. Mind talking: “Take rock 1, not rock 2 it looks loose, so go to rock 3, then hold to the small tree and jump the 3 feet.”  All that was in a split second.

Now my mind tells me that, and I stop, and say, “You sure?” The stop removes the momentum and breaks the concentration. What I discovered was, I was looking constantly at the trail immediately in front of me(I felt I had to, and I did) . I could not enjoy the scenery because I was constantly making conscience decisions one at a time, not 3 –5 problems ahead.


What I never gave a thought to, now I was thinking, losing your balance here could be fatal, and it could.

I noticed I tripped more over small rocks and roots, not enough to go down, but enough to let me know, this normally does not happen.

I was talking to a hiker on the trail, ‘The Survival Man’, when suddenly a tree gave way and I started off the Mt. Quickly he held his walking stick down to me, I grabbed it and he pulled my back on the trail. That would not have happened a couple years ago.


I will mention more tomorrow, but suffice here to say, I now have many reasons NOT to hike. And my health is tops on that list.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


I took several breaks on this hike, the pictures above are my views as I LAY there.Smile


1932 Studebaker
1932 Studebaker, Eustis, FL


Woody said...

Be Careful up there!!! I have to be careful when walking around in the woods as uneven ground will knock me down, I found this out after my stroke and had to learn to walk on uneven ground, tree roots, stones, branches.
Take Care,
The Worry Worts from New York;
Gary and Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for 'fleshing out' a bit of what you experienced out there, Jack.

I've not thought of the man in years.... but your mention of looking ahead reminded me of the late, GREAT Tom Landry. Forgive me for not double-checking, but I think I recall him once saying, he didn't have time to celebrate a great move during the game, because his mind was already two-three plays ahead.


betty said...

You were wise, Jack, to realize that you aren't as "sharp" as you might have been and to give up hiking and to enjoy the other things you are still more than capable of doing :)



being smart enough to know your limitations makes you wiser than your years.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with you that there is no sense in taking chances that could mean your life. I'm not a thrill seeker either.