Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trail final…

There is a lot more to say, but it would be sorta repetitious.  Trail names are an important part of the legacy of the trail. I probably saw/met/passed 15 hikers this time and only got three names (and no pictures of them).  with my hearing the way it is, I become embarrassed and just will not ask the third time.  But many from the past jump to my mind. some have pictures.


(Papa Smurf, just finishing the White Mountains)

The names I did get were ‘Survival Man’. He appeared to be in his mid 50’s.  He has lived in South America for many years and recently moved back here. He said he had lived in a small 12x16’ house all that time and loved it. Mostly he lived off the land. Thus the name, ‘Survival Man’. He was thru hiking and had started at Springer Mt. Georgia the first of March this year.  To be here this near the end, shows he is making good time.


Friend Fred, in his hammock in the 100 mile wilderness

Next I met was ‘Bird man’. His story of the AT was much like mine and Sherry’s.  He completed about 1800 miles a couple years ago but his knees did give out on him. He is now 67. Eight months ago he had both knees replaced at the same time. He is over joyed with the way things have worked, he has not had one minutes trouble and is hiking well.  So he has come back to finish the trail as I was going to do.

The  ‘BirdMan’ was a heavy equipment operator. He had a lot of tales, and I enjoyed them all when I could understand them. Most of his time was in rock Quarries all over the USA.  He is  from Chattanooga, TN.


This little lady was called Cricket, she was starting the 100 mile wilderness 2009, solo.

Then there was “A-Bomb”, the young man who ‘fist’ bumped me when he asked how old I was and I said 75. He is a SOBO (AT terminology for South Bound Hiker), he plans to do the whole trail before Christmas going south.

The last day four young ladies passed me at different times,  going North, to finish their thru hike. They looked 15, so they were probably in their 20’s         (Surprised smile).  The one thing that has amazed and interested me is the BIG variety of hikers on the trail, especially seeing young girls and older women who are carrying packs and hiking alone.


Professor Gordon in one of the trail lean-to’s, Mark gave him the trail name of “Gordie

Many hikers are over 60, they have now achieved the financing or retired so they have the free time to hit the trail.

Of course I will think of the trail and may do some day hikes, but in reality I had better stick to writing for my adventures.  I did come up with a seed for a new book. Time will tell if it germinates.

Thanks for joining me.

Nite Shipslog


Our rough plans are a couple weeks in Mass, a week or two in Eastern Pennsylvania, a couple weeks in Virginia near the Chesapeake then to Eastern NC for a week or so.


Plymouth Street rod we passed for sale. $22,000. not a true classic but still beautiful. It is shaved (No hinges, door or boot handles) with Chevy engine, etc . No year was given.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 008TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 009

So I tried to match it with web pictures. I know it is less than a 1939:


1937 on left and 1938 on right. I still do not know which, but I am favoring the 1938.



I guess the people hiking all have a reason for doing it and all have a personal goal to accomplish when they start out. It's nice you get to bond on the trail.

Lucy said...

Jack, I found myself. All is upgraded everywhere I go plus Live Writer and that is not a good thing. More and more these sites want money. I notice it cause Idon't have any! Must go find food.

betty said...

I think writing about your and Sherry's times on the trail and the interesting variety of people you have met along the way could be a good story, Jack, if you do decide to pursue writing about it. It seems like your next for weeks are going to be fun ones!


Mevely317 said...

There's so much I never paused to consider about the AT ... this mini series has been a real eye-opener for me.
I mean, at the risk of sounding dumber than a rock, I guess there's no crime to speak of? And first responders? 'Tis the season out here, but last night's news mentioned the police and fire having to mount 32 (separate) rescues of mountain hikers - probably, whose imaginations overtook their legs and lungs.

Looking forward to hearing more about your story idea!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great to know one's limitations and to admit to them. I've had a lot of changes in my lifestyle and am the first to say I live in the slow lane. Now I'm happy if I get one good thing accomplished each day. I rest more than I work. Sounds like you'll be working your way home now. Enjoy the sights along the way. It's been a beautiful summer so far.

shirl72 said...

Very glad you decided to continue
writing not hiking. On the news the
other day a man was robbed on the trail. Interesting to read about the
people hiking on the trail. Looking
forward to you coming back through
Historic Town of Belmont heading to