Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yes, the project is finished…

(repeat pictures)

I do not have any final pictures of the project.  They were about the same as the last pictures I posted.. We only added the bathroom vent fan. Luke was moving in before the mud was dry on the cuts I had to make in the drywall.

AC instal 007

This is how it ended up. there is trim around the A/C unit and the Headboard is sleeping in Shirl’s basement.

Track lighting 002

There are brown blinds on the windows, compliment of Luke’s Grandma Mary. And the bathroom is about the same.

Track lighting 005

But it is finished. Just in time to start work on the house (on the same lot).  Son Mark has rented that house for a couple years now (Never missed a rent payment).  He has bought in Florida and is moving. His daughter Sherece wanted to move in, so we are in the process of painting (sub contracting that out!) and cleaning. Some minor changes.

Does anyone remember this wall paper?

more 406 2 004 - Copy

That stripe was in the master bedroom. Everyone in bloggersville said THAT MUST GO, I even said that. But Mark did not care so it stayed. 

WELL Sherece has a different opinion, so she has removed the UUUGly stuff.


This is the house when we first bought it.

So with that job finished, we head on to a few more. Cleaning this house and getting the backpacking stuff together.

Also one or two small things to the motor home before heading NORTH.

Nite Shipslog


We get excited sitting down to plan our trip. That makes our lives, FUN.


2222222 1932_Detroit_Electric-jan22

the electric car, 1932


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's nice that some of your family can enjoy those two places. You'll know they are in good hands while you travel. Hope your son Mark does well in Florida . Sounds like you'll soon be on your way again. I always have thought that planning and preparation are half the fun. Life is never dull around your place for sure!

Cindi said...

Ur family is blessed for all you have provided them.

..NORTH you say??..hum,let the adventure begin..looking forward to the stories & pics!!!!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Looking Good and that strip was UUUgly......!!

Paula said...

You two are the busiest people, that must keep you young and healthy. Look forward to your entries on the way north.

Melanie said...

Cute little house!!

just a note to say Hi!!


shirl72 said...

Place looking good. I will have
to get over to see what is going
on. Cindi is right we all live
in a place that you own.
You have always taken care of your
family and me. You are good Dad, Brother and Husband...

betty said...

Glad the houses will be kept in the family; will take good care of them I think that way. You guys sure worked hard, but the end product looks great! I do agree with the wallpaper, I would change if it I could, but I remember when that was the popular stuff, LOL :)

I'm sure you guys are itching to go north!



Had wallpaper that looked just like that too. LOL It's a small world. Sounds like you have finished the main project. Going to be nice for the two of you to head north and relax a bit.

Lucy said...

You must thrive on remodeling and building. Wish Joe was as handy. Sounds like everyone is happy with what you do. I applaud the girl for taking the wall paper out. Hurts the eyes. You 2 take care and give Sherry an extra hug from me.

Helen said...

A job well done.

Unknown said...

Good job!
I know you're excited to be done with the renovation and are looking forward to your next adventure.