Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The dangers of using a GPS

Quick entry. If we miss commenting, we have a terrible connection here.  We cannot load any videos, everything locks up. it takes 5 minutes at times to read an e-mail.

For those who asked. we are fine the bad weather missed us, but hurt a lot of folks in Mass.

(Sorry about the abbr. of Massachusetts the old one sticks! I imagine there are some who do not know many states had abbr. that were changed.) 

Our friend Paula calls it ‘The lady in the box’ because of the verbal instructions that come out of it.  Since I cannot hear the sound is turned off.

I mentioned the other day that I was using the GPS when we came into New York. Normally we will take the last exit in PA and go thru Port Jarvis, but the GPS suggested Exit 1 in New York. There was a lot of road construction and a little confusing in Pennsylvania so I opted to follow the lady in the box. The last instruction I followed was turn right on Maple St. as soon as I made the turn I saw a notice: TUNNEL.. NINE FOOT CLEARANCE. (of course the GPS does not know how tall we are) Thankfully there was a right turn into a residential area so I took it, and requested the navigator get us out of this mess. She did.

(I have this address from a long time back I hope it is still a good address)…Now if you have time, here is what happens when the clearance is too low: 

Following the GPS once in Kentucky, I was directed down a farm path, but refused and called for assistance.

A couple years ago I made the mistake of following it and went thru the edge of NYC!

In Lenoir once, it sent me into a residential driveway. So usually I check my directions before starting a new trip. This time I did not check well enough….

Some of the errors are my fault, some the mapping system that calls for roads that never were completed.

The GPS is a good thing ‘MOST’ of the time, as with a lot of technology.

Have you ever been misdirected using your GPS.

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Take advice with a grain of salt (what ever that means) even your GPS!


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The above are 1942 cars. Production was halted in 1942 to build supplies for the War. Production resumed in 1946.


Paula said...

My daughter has offered me her "lady in the box" since her new vehicle tells her everything. I hope it never tells her to go to h---. Once my ex-son-in-law was hauling some large equipment on a truck and got it stuck under an overpass. I don't know if he quit before they fired him or not.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the man in the trunk but that is a different situation all together.

I'm glad you 2 are ok. Don't worry, I don't even have anything for you to comment on, & I like it like that now :).

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Technology isn't perfect for sure. Glad you had another exit to take. I like maps. I belong to AA Auto Club and they have maps that show construction etc. Of course you have to get new ones when taking any trip but that is one of their services. I haven't had to use it in a long time as I haven't taken any trips. Ha!
Hope you keep on the RIGHT road. Safe travels always!

Woody said...

We bought a Garmin for GPS and so far it worked good,our 2005 Sportage we traded had a built in navigation system that was great, byt expensive, I like em and they have helped us out some !!
Take Care, it is cool here, 62 and raining!!

Cindi said...

Oh the joys of travel. The lady in the box drives me nuts!!! My son uses her all the time, I prefer old school, maps & road signs!!! Stay safe♥


Loved the video. My husband uses his GPS all the time. So far, so good.

betty said...

One time our GPS took us on this dirt road; after about 5 miles we realized the road was going to remain a dirt road for a long time so we turned around and had it recalculate our route. I think maybe they were anticipating growth and houses that never came, that's the closest I could figure out why GPS misdirected us.


Mevely317 said...

So far, we've been too 'scotch' to invest in a GPS ... but I'm fascinated nevertheless.

That video is a panic!!! That reminds me of the case where a semi was wedged under an overpass and none of the so-called experts could arrive at a solution. Then, an 8 year old girl observed, "Why don't they let the air out of the tires?"

Mevely317 said...
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