Sunday, July 27, 2014

Of course the AT is a small part of Maine

On our visit to Rumford and Mexico, Maine this is some of what we saw. Located in the foothills of the White Mountains, Rumford is the site of Pennacook Falls, called by historian George J. Varney "the grandest cataract in New England," where the Androscoggin River drops 177 feet  over solid granite. When I first saw this I thought this was man made.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 001

Now look farther back and see yet another waterfall or cataract.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 002

A natural beauty I am glad I stopped to see.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 004

The Cataract for years generated power for the paper company that these logs are headed for.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 005

New England is fiercely patriotic, one of the memorials here in the Rumsford/Mexico area.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 006

Then on down to Scarbourgh (called Down East by the Maniers).

We stopped by to see friend Judy and took her out to Lunch.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 012

She and her husband Al (now deceased) used to own the Brown box Pie company in the Bar harbor area. She is now using her talents to assist her granddaughter on a trip to Ireland. Here she is giving Sherry a Strawberry/rhubarb pie.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 015

Son Scott and his wife, the sign below is in their front yard….

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 017

He is a Maine Lobsterman.

lobsta 001

Judy knows we love Lobsta, as we talked with Scott & family Judy fixed us FOUR ‘one pound’ lobsta’s to bring home. DELICIOUS with fresh corn.

lobsta 002

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 027\

Sherry caught this sunset and church on our way home.

TRAIL and day TRIP, JUDY 030

An end to a beautiful day.  In my mind, it seems that every place we travel is more beautiful than the last.

Thanks for coming along.

Nite Shipslog


We always try to learn as much as possible from friends and family who are left alone after losing a loving mate.  We are not morbid, but know percentages show that one of us will eventually be left. Life is not going to change for us. We will try to use our time wisely.

We have learned a lot from you guys who have experienced the BIG loss. Hey, one of you sweeties are having a birthday soon.




Paula said...

Sherry looks so pretty in this picture and her friend does too. Humm bet that pie is good. I've never ate lobsta. Did I spell that correctly? lol

JOHN said...

I always enjoy the pictures

jack69 said...

Yeah paula, You spelled EXACTLY like they pronounce it up here. Yes, Summer is Summa, Remember is Rememba and Lobster is Lobsta!

They do not seem to have an 'R' in the accent except where there is none. Remember JFK always said 'Cuber' when talking about Castro and Cuba. HA!

betty said...

Oh my gosh, however it is smelled and however it is pronounced, I want one of those lobsta's/lobster's! They look delicious! Such pretty area you guys traveled to/through! Glad you got to see a friend too and spend some time with her and enjoy the fruit of her talent with the rhubarb pie. I don't think it is morbid to ask friends who have lost their spouse things and to learn from them. It is the cycle of life we will all go through at some time. Unless we go together, one will go first and one will be left behind.



That lobster looks DELICIOUS. If I close my eyes I can almost taste it. ENJOY! ENJOY!

Glenda said... a word...jealous!!! It appears you two are having a wonderful time.

Mevely317 said...

What a grand feast!
Good friends, good food and that incredible scenery ... wow.

So glad you're able to experience it ALL!

Back Porch Writer said...

Beautiful pictures. And huge good looking lobsters! I think with it being July that NORTH is the way to go! Have a great week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That dinner looks soooo good ! I haven't had lobster in a long long time. You two have made some wonderful friends and they do have some wonderful talents too.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Jack, it's not kosher to flaunt your "lobstah" in front of readers eating ham sandwiches, but you and Sherry deserve it.

Great pictures!