Sunday, July 13, 2014

The no-name river, and the solar dryer.

It winds thru this area like a huge snake. I have just spent 30 minutes trying to find the name of it and had no success, but this system is still as slow as cream rising on buttermilk.

This campground is in on of those snake curves. there for is bounded on three sides by the river or large creek.  I see no kayaks,  canoes or boats in this river.  There must be some reasons for that, maybe a rule or two.

the snakey river.

The snaking river

It flows into the Susquehanna.

It is the kind of river I would be swimming in as a kid, but of course they have an indoor water park here and an indoor pool and outdoor pool of sparkling blue water, so the modern kid would opt for that I am sure.

The snaking river is great irrigation for the farms in the area.

We drove out yesterday and had a good time just enjoying the farms and fields. The only person I know who still uses the solar dryer, is Bonnie of 

Up here many folks ‘hang’ their clothes out to dry. We have hung a bunch of clothes and diapers out to dry. LOL but now I will use the dryer when I can.

A great trip 012

A great trip 015

The ones above were actually over the road.

A great trip 020 - CopyA great trip 026

They hang ‘em high in Lancaster County.

A great trip 029A great trip 031

The ladies above do not wash clothes…

Today is our last day in this area, next entry will be from the Catskills of NY, Rondout Valley. We may catch some pictures on the way.

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I love being on the road again…..



Studebakers from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, IN when we visited in 2007.


Cindi said...

Early on in our marriage I would hang our clothes to dry. I miss those day, fresh smells...ummmm thanks for the memories

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love laundry that has been solar dried. I miss the days I was able to hang clothes outside. Sheets never smell as good as when dried by the sun. It's a stormy morning here. Hope you have good weather for your travels there. Happy Sunday to you both!

Paula said...

I still have clothes lines but only use them once in a while. They sure do hang them high there.

Glenda said...

Yep, nothing like line dried towels! Growing up we hung everything on the line to dry, lots of diapers over the years. Great pics!

betty said...

I do like the scent of clothes hanging outside, but having done so in years, LOL. I can't imagine that high drying line, must have some type of pulley device to get them that high. I sure have enjoyed the pictures from where you guys have been these past few days, Jack and Sherry. Looking forward to the next part of your trip and I do hope you find out the name of the river.


Unknown said...

Okay, not to be a smarty pants, but I do have a high speed connection and see the river labeled as the Conestoga River. I think that is the right one.

Jean said...

I like to hang sheets out on a line, and do sometimes when the weather is nice. I have a reel line hook to the shed and when I want to use it pull it out and hook to a post we have in the far back yard. They must hang them up high so they won't get stolen. Ha.
Take care, Jean.

shirl72 said...

Sure is beautiful country side.
The farms really look nice.
I can't imagine with our busy
life having to hang clothes on
the line. Hanging them on a line
was better for them than running
them round and round in a dryer.

Glad you are enjoying being back
On The Road Again. Willie said he
was having fun on the road..

Jackie said...

Wonderful part of our great country you are in! I do hope to get there one day.
Mama and Daddy just took down their "solar dryer" in June. First time Mama hasn't had a clothesline in 68 years. But, she is doing just fine without it. The dryer is an amazing invention. :)))

Rose said...

I remember the days of hanging the clothes out to dry collecting all the pollen in the air.........Ugh.

Everyone then thought it was such a clean air smell having the clothes dry on the line. When my daughter came down with asthma, the doctor's insisted that I purchase a clothes dryer when in those days fairly new.

It was good advice.


Loved seeing the clotheslines. reminded me of my early married life.