Monday, July 28, 2014

I love driving but there are EXCEPTIONS!


I do not like paying tolls and of course the RV towing a car pays much more than the single passenger car (which is logical).  That is not my major complaint. In the last few years each state has come up with the EZ TOLL codes that allows the state to deduct the cost automatically from an account or your debit card. I understand that and the necessity of speeding up the toll paying problems by residents, it is great for them.


(Look at all the distracting symbols and signs)

MY PROBLEM IS “which lane to get in?” I have yet to get into the wrong lane, but I have come close.  It is clearly marked for the regular travelers but each state seems to be just a little different.

Rochester toll plaza on the Spaulding Turnpike (Rt. 16)

(I can understand the simple ones)

I must amend that. When I first started driving an RV (the small one), I really blew it at a BOSTON TUNNEL!  I pulled up to the toll booth and all of a sudden the operator was VERY UPSET. “You are not going thru the tunnel you have an LP tank.”

“What am I to do?”

“I have no idea, but you are not proceeding and you are blocking traffic!” I put the RV in Reverse and started easing back.

“STOP! What are you doing?”

I figured it was obvious I must turn around. “Turning around.”

Disgustingly, “Hold on,” and he walked back and made some room.

Having never been in Boston before I made the mistake of asking, “Which way do I go?”

Again sarcastically, “I don’t know, but you are not going thru the tunnel.”

Sherry directed me out of there. I realized later I should have known, and I even understand the operators frustration, but I dislike RUDE!

From that experience I dread toll booths.

I received a ticket in the mail from a toll road in Orlando.  From a time when I was lost and exited where it was EZ FLORIDA TOLLS only. I had not seen the sign and of course I could not find a place to deposit the toll, so I drove on thru, I sure could not back up. Surprised smileSteaming mad


(I don’t want to end up like this!)

Maybe one day, before we stop traveling there will be a national Toll EZ thingee and I will not have to worry as much.Smile

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I realize Tolls are a coming thing. There is even talk of a toll road in the Charlotte/Belmont/Gastonia area of NC.


gtmoa scan0015

My old 1950 Chevy 1/4 ton pickup (before and after)

gtmoa scan0017


Unknown said...

I hate the idea of toll booths. We do have one section of highway here that has a toll, and I avoid it. The plus side is that the actual users of the highway are the ones who are paying, but it sure seems like an inefficient and cumbersome way to collect money. My theory is that if someone could cut out the waste, we're already paying enough in gasoline taxes to cover these costs.

Cher' Shots said...

I agree with Bonney Knox - I hate toll booths. All it does is jam up traffic. This makes me want to rethink any travel plans we may have been dreaming about. Sure do miss Alaska!
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm having some troubles with blogger this morning but was finally able to catch up on your posts. We have the EZpass here on our Ohio Turnpike and yes, I have almost gotten in the wrong lane before, but was able to move to the right one. Hope you all are have a great day. It's been raining here.

shirl72 said...

I don't like toll booths. I don't
see how they make any money. They
have to pay employees and they work long hours.

I missed last night I think you
stay up all night writing. That
is beautiful country. The pie looks good. I love lobster tail Good-good-good.

Jimmy's Journal said...

It's hard enough to make the decision as to which lane to be in when it becomes more complicated by some moron whose greatest goal in life was to be a toll taker.

Sorry Jack, but you're not going to meet many Rhodes Scholars on the toll roads. Be safe!


Rose said...

Tolls are a pain but rude people are the worst. Sorry it came from a Boston person! That upset me.

Hugs, to my favorite couple.

Cindi said...

TOLLS...truly highway robbery at its best...grrr I loathe tolls, such a waste...


having been through many toll booths I understand your problem. It can even get complicated for those of us with cars and vans.

betty said...

You would think the lady in Boston would have been a bit more friendly and helped guide you to a safer place. We have toll roads here, usually they are less traffic so people with money so to speak, LOL, will use them to get from point A to point B quicker. One time we went on one of them when we first moved back down here and we got confused where we were supposed to pay the toll. Sure enough we got a ticket. I wrote a letter explaining we had just moved from Montana to here and it was our first time on the road (which was true). They just made us pay the actual toll and not the fine that came along with it :)


Mevely317 said...

Thank God we've no toll roads out here ... I'd be pretty confused by all the signage and flashing lights, as well.

No offense to all the good men and ladies from the Northeast - but I'd heard it generally accepted that Bostonians are awfully rude overall.
Pretty sure I'd lose miserably, were I to try and go one-on-one with that toll operator. It sounds as if you made the wise decision to take the high road (no pun intended).
Or, as my son in Alabama says, just kill 'em with kindness.