Sunday, July 20, 2014

Looking OUT our picture window

The park here is celebrating a park anniversary here, so there have been games for the kids. We are parked across from the concession stand and entertainment area, so we can watch the activities.
(Just racing barefoot was fun)
Some of the games take me back to my childhood. Camping kids have the electronic toys, but still get into the older physical games as well.
(I never rolled a hoop with a stick, but it must have been fun)
It was funny, yesterday they had some ‘Stick-horse’ races.  I watched the little guys and remembered I could ride that stick all day, shooting from the ‘saddle’.
I sat remembering some of the stuff I did as a kid and cannot imagine why it was so much fun.  Did you ever just roll an old worn out car tire? Shoot, I could roll one all day.  I cannot remember what we did with the tire when we were through.
I remember a truck inner tube once, that was large enough to get inside the ‘hole’ and roll down a hill.
I watched here as the kids played ‘Hop-Scotch’.  Now I am wondering where the name came from. Shirl taught me that one when I was 4 or 5. We used a piece of colored glass (I forget what we called it???) but  watching, I was reminded, that you stood in the square where your glass was and had to stand on one foot and pick it up. I had forgotten that. I watched as most of the kids lost their balance, especially the boys.
I remember watching in awe as kids, especially girls, could jump with two ropes and  and do ‘hot water’ or something like that with the rope swinging girls getting faster and faster.
It is fun to see kids have fun without the electronic toys. Darla and all the folks in the North Woods do a lot of inner acting with the grandloves away from the electronic toys, I admire that.
What was your favorite game?
Nite Shipslog
I liked ‘kick the Can’.
Cars for today!  Shirl’s hubby Jim Once won a Soapbox Derby in Charlotte, NC.


Paula said...

Wow! You two had free entertainment. My favorite childhood game was "Annie Over". The house catty corner from our's had the best roof to play it over.

betty said...

Sounds like you have a great viewing place to do some people watching :)

I liked playing jacks; could play them for hours :)



My favorite games as a child were ‘Hop-Scotch’, jacks and jumping rope.

Mevely317 said...

I was way too uncoordinated to jump rope successfully. My favorite outdoor activity was probably 'cops and robbers/Indians' (take your pick).
Then my dad made me a pair of stilts which I adored. It's a wonder I didn't break my neck!

Rick Watson said...

Kick the can was definitely my favorite game. The rules would often evolve as the game progressed.
Fun times :)

shirl72 said...

I like jumping double rope, jacks,
pick up sticks and and Hop-Scotch.

Jim won Soapbox Derby race in 1947 in his home made Soapbox. He got Southern Bread to be his sponsor.
His picture made front page in
Charlotte Observer paper which hangs on my wall.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How great to enjoy everything right from your big window there. If I had a favorite game, I really don't remember. I was never really much good at any of the ones you mentioned, but I do remember playing them. I liked to bike and roller skate for fun but those things are not games. Hope you all are doing well there. Happy Monday!

Cindi said...

Lots of boys in our neighborhood, we had to jump car tires w/our bikes. I held the record jumping 3...Evel Knivelel was big back then, but they also wanted us to play army war stuff, crawl around..Vietnam, things we would watch on TV, thought we could be heros like you Vets! I enjoyed horseback riding the best tho

Lucy said...

Loved playing hopscotch. Living in the country, not a smidgen of cement any where we used to draw the hopscotch pattern in GOOD OLD DIRT!!! Those bring back the memories. My birthday is 10 days from Sherry's birthday. The 16th of Nov and Joes is the 16th of January.

Annesphamily said...

I loved playing tether ball on the school grounds! My goodness, my Cousin Mike reminded me the other day saying how he remembers the two of us playing on the school grounds! I still love kick the can and kick bigger rocks out of the roadway on my way to my office each day from the parking lot! I was good at hopscotch and jumping rope but our youngest daughter, a preschool teacher, brought home a hoola hoop! Lord the hips won't hold that hoop up these days! LOL! Gosh you gave me some flashbacks to my youth! Thanks it was so much fun! Kids today need more non electronic games! We played Red Rover and Hide n Go Seek! Even our own children played some of these! Dodge Ball is now outlawed! Goodness, we never played to maim or injure anyone. Thanks again for the memories Jack!