Saturday, July 5, 2014


Funny thing (Not ha ha) I realized my hearing was going because of the first Bank sealed bid auction I ever attended. I ‘won’ the bid on a GMC Diesel truck.  The other bidders got real upset because I bids a reasonable amount for the truck.

I took my Sherry a ride in my new purchase and was thrilled as we rode around. Says me, “ For a Diesel this sucker is real quiet.”

To my virgin ears I hear, “ARE YOU CRAZY? This thing is LOUD.” (That might not be quiet what she said, but it was close.)

Stella another VISIT 013 - Copy

(My aids have graduated to two behind the ear aids. I tell everyone they are for looks)

That said, I got hearing aids, and over the years continued to lose my hearing. Last night after taking my aids out, I talked to my self. I could not hear my words.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not written for sympathy. I don’t like it, but I know I am deaf.

My left ear is completely gone and my right ear is over 95% gone. BUT with hearing aids I can make out mostly what Sherry says. That to me is the most important thing in the world. It would be sweet if aids worked like eye glasses. Glasses can bring your sight to 20/20 (mostly) But the aids, just amplify the blurred words I am hearing…

I bring that up because so many folk ask why I do not try the cochlea implant. My understanding is I could possibly lose my 5% of hearing if something went wrong, so I opt to hear this little bit as long as I can.

I sometimes get my feeling hurt a little when folks say ‘Jack hears what he wants to Hear! (and I honestly usually hear that)’  But I am getting used to that statement and realize no one but a deaf person can understand.

As I said, I am not looking for sympathy,  I just felt like talking about it. I know I am blessed. I enjoyed hearing for nearly 60 years, some folk NEVER hear an orchestra or the breathing of a baby as it lays in your arms after falling asleep. Many people have never heard their wife say, “I love you.”

So I can be thankful I was able to talk to customers, enjoy walking and swinging conversations with Sherry and my family. tonight at a party at ‘Pizza Hut’ I was just there, but I enjoyed watching sons Mark and Jack interact with their cousins. It was good.

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PS: I have TOO much to be thankful for to gripe all the time, so this is my gripe lines for this week.



Ford Escort and Probe, do not know the year.



I can not imagine what a monumental loss this is. It is something we all take for granted, that's for sure. My hubby has some hearing loss too, so I understand.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, there are many that never have a chance to hear what you have heard, still I know the loss has to be disturbing in many ways. Thankfully you have what little you do have left and your Sherry can pick up what you don't. It's ok to whine now and then, especially when it is something as important as that.

shirl72 said...

Remember what we use to say about
Mother she could a pin drop on
carpet. You do well you smile
and go on. You read lips good.
Hearing does not effect your
personality and everybody loves you.
That is what Smoky said, everybody
loves your bother, me too.

Paula said...

It's soo good that you get out as much as you do with your hearing problem and with a smile on your face. John has a hearing and a seeing problem and gets very frustrated at times since he was so "with it" in the past.

Rose said...

God bless you for adapting so well with your loss of hearing.

You simply amaze me with everything that you do.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

betty said...

I think it is sad whenever we loss a sense or a loved one loses a sense. We are amazing though that we can adapt to the loss of senses as well as we do and that technology helps out the best it can with glasses, hearing aids, etc. I hope you will always have the ability to hear Sherry's voice even if you can't hear others around you :)


Unknown said...

I think it's great that we can communicate through the internet without having to hear.

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for helping me understand a bit of what Tom's experiencing, Jack. We're not in a position right now to purchase aids, and too often I forget to stand facing him or remember to speak in his left year.

PS - I LOVE what bonney knox just wrote! So true!

Chatty Crone said...

My husband is getting hard of hearing. I know what you mean - sometimes you just want to talk and vent and explain things - yet you don't want sympathy - you just want to explain. I love your positiveness!

Anonymous said...

You are the last person who'd ever look to elicit sympathy over something like this. There are 1 million things that make you likeable, & that is just one of them. Also, (not that this is always good) I see you as an eat the pain type.