Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What do you like?

I like apples, the crunchier the better and a little tart. In traveling I met the Empire Apple and I really do like it. When I was little I loved what mama called a cooking apple. I was never a fan of cooked apples unless they were in a pie. Grapes, cherries, blackberries and strawberries just to name a few fruits I LIKE!


NOW, TODAY, I read where apples can be bad for you because of the pesticides. Shucks, I cannot win for losing.  Maybe if I stick to green apples and salt, before they have a chance to see pesticides.

Raw veggies:


I like green beans, carrots, celery, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage I know I like a bunch of them raw.


Hey I like watermelons and cantaloupes

I like most nuts (even some nutty people!)

I like peanut butter.


I like either honey, jelly and molasses mixed with butter and eaten with a hot biscuit.


I like strong black coffee in my favorite cup from Boot Hill in Dodge City.

I like old cowboy movies.

I love to see horses, they give me a good feeling.

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I like dogs, they are some of my favorite people.corgiECockerbleki2


I like sampling foods from the different areas we visit, especially if they have a specialty.

If eating at a buffet, I like fewer items, especially if the business is slow. (My mind asks, how can you keep 99 items fresh and serve 40 people a day?)

I love eggs (I do not eat many) but I think an egg fried sunny side up is beautiful.


Some folk will not understand, but I like Taco Bell for Mexican food, as compared to a sit-down and be served restaurant.

I like Oriental food, but my favorite international food is Italian (and I honestly do not know too many dish names.)

I really do like a lot of foods, but it is hard to beat pinto beans and cornbread or cornbread and milk (and I am a little odd, I like some chopped onion in the mix)

Nite Shipslog


And your favorite food is?

Your favorite international food is?




shirl72 said...

I love everything that is high
in cholesterol but try to avoid
them because family history of health.

I love grapes, tomatoes, squash
casserole. I also like banana
pudding. There is not much food
I don't like. I like all fruits.
Seafood is my favorite.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love to eat, there is nothing much that I don''t like. I especially love summer when the fruits and veggies are fresh. Very soon now we'll have some in Ohio. Meanwhile they are coming in at the stores from out of state. I had an Arkansas tomato the other day.

Cindi said...

I like Fiji apples the best...I'm a foodie too...luv the veggies, fruits, yum....Okra is about the only veggie I can not stomach...bla ba tooie! LOL

betty said...

This was great to read, Jack. You like a lot of variety of things in foods which is good I think, makes it more fun when it comes time to think of what to eat.

I love that you featured a corgi :)

My favorite international food is Italian; never met a pasta I didn't like :)

My all time favorite food is chocolate, LOL.


Lucy said...

I don't really have favorite foods. I always think I want something in the beef line. Usually wind up with chicken. I like Mexican food. but it doesn't taste good if I make it. I do not like corn bread at all. Molasses is a definate no, no. We have found a very good brand of han=m. It is Farmland. Tender and not fatty.

Paula said...

I like my steak and salad and would eat dirt before liver. We gave our new Taco Bell a rush until they charged John for water one day. Now he won't eat there. lol

Unknown said...

I like all sorts of food, and I do have a sweet tooth.
Melons of all kinds are ranking pretty high in this hot and humid weather.
If you're worried about pesticides on your apples, spray them with a little veggie wash like you find in the produce section of some of the nice grocery stores. (Or scrub them with just a teeny bit of baking soda.) I think the bad of the pesticides on your produce is probably outweighed by the health benefits of the produce.


I love food, period. Some dishes more than others. To me the presentation of something is as important as the taste. Enjoyed hearing about your favorites. Gala apples are delicious too.

Mevely317 said...

Oh gosh ... at first I was apprehensive, wondering what I might say that's nice about fruit. (Nope, not fond of any of it!)

You mentioned some of my all-time favorites -- peanut butter, eggs, and (lots of) strong black coffee. But one meal that practically makes me whimper in anticipation is a juicy burger cooked medium rare w/ scads of Hellman's mayo and raw onion.

PS - Is that picture of the black doggie something like your Ace looked like?