Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I really need to explain my picture angles….

I did a lot of picture taking as we hiked. We use a camera rather than a phone. I have not yet mastered selective down loading of pictures from the cell phone.

I must explain these pictures:

08172009 031

Above I was taking a picture of the broken stairs.

08242009 015

Here the tree hanging over the River.

08272009 024

And above the roots, below the rocks



At the end of our first attempt to hike the AT, we were actually back at Standing Indian where the idea was born. That is 100 miles from the beginning on Springer Mt. The hike had gone well, but we were tuckered. I turned to look back as we were crossing a small creek on a log just a foot off the water, and my Sherry was falling back into the water. She had gotten over balanced and  the weight of the back back just took her down easy.

She just lay in the water laughing, we were so tired we were giddy! But I realized if I had been behind her I could have helped.

That has proven true at least one time where she got over balanced and headed head-first off the edge of a mountain. I did catch her by the ankles and saved her life.  Actually I did not save her life but probably did prevent an injury, there were trees starting  about 15 ft down that would have slowed her descent.Winking smile Soooo my girl has accused me of loving to take pictures of her hinny.

Now I will admit methinks she has a pretty one, but I can prove I do take other shots, i.e.:



08242009 02108272009 02808272009 037

Girls notice, her hair is wind blown here.Surprised smile But she usually looks like she just left the hair dresser.

While in Alaska I heard the statement, if you are not the lead dog, the view never changes. WELL, My explanation makes sense to me,  I hike behind a lot, therefore I see the ---- --- the most.  Hey, I do not complain, ‘tis such a pretty view! (even as the second dog).

Nite Shipslog

PS: Hey honey don’t throw stuff, I was just trying to explain…. OUCH!

We dated during a time I could look, but not touch! NOW, imma enjoying my girl and life. I love you Sweetheart… Hinny and all!


 08232009 003

We saw this ‘39 Buick for sale somewhere in Maine.


Glenda said...

Just beautiful ~ all your pics. Humorous entry as well, brings a smile to see and read about your adventures. Have a wonderful day!!!

Unknown said...

I think when you're hiking alone, you're going to be especially glad when your trail angel shows up.
I'll have to say some of that trail doesn't look like "hiking" trail. It looks more like rock climbing trail.

Cindi said...

awesome...thx for the made me chuckle a bit too! safe travels!!!!

Lucy said...

Jack ans Sherry, listen to a 84 year old that is finding it very hard to try to get back to normal old. Since Joe was gone to the store I decided to try to take Spunky for a very short walk, past the pig pen and I stood out there and said very loudly it was a pigpen. Then Spunky decided to go the way Joe takes him and I wound up going about a block and a half farther, THEN I HAD TO GET BACK. That was a trick but we did it. Didn't realize till then I may not ever have the strength I had. Be careful, because you are getting older also.

Paula said...

Those rocks look scary to me but then my balance isn't the best. I imagine the view is worth the danger.

Melanie said...



Jackie said...

Just reading about Sherry losing her balance and heading over a mountainside made me cringe. I am so glad that you were there to break her fall.
Love the matter what the angle. Methinks you have the best angle (and angel) of all. :))
Sweet lovebirds you are.
Hugs to you both,

Unknown said...

The pics are wonderful, the next best thing to being there. I like them all but am especially fond of the picture at top of page. The color, the calmness of the moment is awesome.
I've missed a lot of your posts due to health problems so am happy to be catching up. I can't think of a better way to spend time then the way you two are. My husband and I had that goal in mind before his health issues got so bad.
Enjoy and keep posting. I'll keep following.

Mevely317 said...

Such a feel-good post, Jack! :)
I'm a loooong ways from being as trim as your lady love, but seeing this pix makes me glad I didn't accept that second piece of pizza today!

shirl72 said...

Went to Church so I am late
commenting. That is scary about
Sherry. I remember you telling
about going up on the mountain
and Sherry slide all the way
down because it was so high.
My goodness be careful you will
be alone..and the hearing thing.

betty said...

Before you explained why you walk behind Sherry, when I saw the first few pictures, I thought "Jack's always walking behind Sherry, having her forge the path ahead." Now I can understand why you would want to be in the back, Jack. That had to be scary when Sherry was that close to the edge of the cliff and got off balance! Great pictures of the views and of Sherry :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it's a good thing that Sherry has you at her back. It's also good to have a hiking buddy. We all need to have some back ups. Those trails really don't look like much of a trail to me. The pictures are all wonderful and I'm sure your darling girl appreciated you showing her front side too. It's been wonderfully cool here for a couple of days. Hope you both have a happy Thursday!


My hubby likes the same view.