Friday, April 1, 2016

More Art, the unusual...

Growing up, and sleeping under a ton of quilts in the winter, I never thought of them as art.  But if my mama's quilts would have been sold on today's market she would have been a millionaire.

Mama was a unique artist, She gathered the ribbons from the wreaths on Sherry's mama's grave and made Sherry a quilt from them. Is that sweet or what?

Here in blogsville we have many artists in their own right.

Lisa and Linda create from cloth, yarn, sewing machines and their minds. My sisters were amazing at crafts and seeing beauty out of nature.  Lately Shirl is carried away with wood she finds in all shape and stages of deterioration.

We toured the Ice Museum in Fairbanks, AK. The pieces were fantastic. Sherry brought my attention to a life size sand sculpt of the Last Supper, Amazing.

Then the dreams some folk change to flowers:

How can one dream this big?

Then there are Sand sculptures, Unbelievable: 

A real Sand Castle...

Then the silly:

Nite Shipslog

Then the bold lady:


 To me the 1950's cars were works of art, That is when I got my license and learned cars were also expensive..


betty said...

Lots of great art here. I would have enjoyed the Ice Museum myself. That was sweet with the quilt made by your mother from the ribbons. Quilting is a wonderful work of art!


Lisa said...

I handmade a quilt once the size of a full bed. I used squares cut from moms scrap barrel (she was a seamstress). The scraps were from clothes she made me and my siblings throughout our childhood. I still have it tucked away. On another hand, I always wish I knew how to carve wood.

Hope you doing well.

Mevely317 said...

A quilt made of ribbons? Now, THAT'S a heartfelt gift for sure.
I've two quilts my own mother made 'by hand' that are more precious than all the gold in Ft. Knox.

I'm hoping to find some enterprising young woman (or man) who I might pay to take on some cherished articles of clothing and make a custom quilt for me. A couple years ago someone in blogland knew someone else, but they weren't much interested, so I put that idea aside. Now, I'm becoming enthused once more!

Paula said...

I think the one fish is saying to the other "we are not frying fish for lunch".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are so many wonderful kinds of art. How drab our world would be without it. You are right in thinking that quilts are art. What a blessing with the one made out of ribbons, I've never seen one like that. And yes, even cars can be seen as art. They are all designed with the thought of attracting people with their look. It's turned colder here with the threat of rain and maybe even some snow showers thrown in by evening.


Art is in everything around us. I bet your mom's quilts are priceless for sure.