Thursday, March 31, 2016


Growing up I knew I had 'some' art talent.  I was very good at copying.  I seldom could draw a human face without having one to look at as I drew.  I loved crayons and coloring books. I loved to shade the colors in areas by using my pocket knife to scrape excess Crayola off.

I was good at cartoon characters, as long as I could look at one. You may not be old enough to remember the 'rip-off' ads on the back of comic books to fish us ignorant kids in.  There was one that caught my eye for only $1. It was a 'machine' that transposed a picture on the wall to a blank sheet of paper, and at your leisure you could trace over the lines and 'voila' you had 'created' a master piece! 

I ordered it. simple box about 1"x 1" with a little mirror at 45 degrees with a small hole in it, on a small stand.. It actually worked, but if anything moved,,,,, you started all over again. Lots of restrictions, my dreams of being a big-time counterfeiter went out the window.

I did learn I was good at landscapes, not people. I had many pleasant hours of doing landscapes. THEN my life was before my eyes. one year at Summer Camp I met a chalk artist. Ray Campbell.  I could sit for hours and listen to his stories and watch the chalk picture evolve.  He liked me and taught me a lot. I was surprised at his death he had told his son to give me his art supplies.

I followed in his foot steps and became a professional Chalk artist. Adding to the things that Ray had shown me. I drafted Sherry into service as a remote operator for lights and sound.  We met some wonderful folk. We performed from Cuba to Canada. It was all part time, but being self employed allowed lots of flexibility.

My stuff is limited to the great grand kids now, it is still fun.

Unusual art,  gets my attention, there are talents I cannot imagine:
Is a sculpture completely made of white paper: Below it is in the process:
Art is unlimited. Can you imagine Ice and Sand sculptures being temporary?

ART: I like a beautiful picture, whether it took weeks or one of Bob Ross's 30 minute works. I do like all kinds of art. I like sculpts, even some of van Gogh's stuff. 

One of dad's favorite jokes about modern art:
Paula and John in  gallery in San Antonio. 
John asks, "Paula, what is that painting?"
"John, that is supposed to be a man on a horse!"
John, "Then why ain't it?"

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ps: When I think of REAL TALENT, I might have a 'half a smidgen'.


 Maybe some things art too much!


betty said...

I think you have pretty good talent from what you have shared here. At church on Easter there was an artist who did a chalk drawing; started it at the start of the singing; blank canvas; at the end it was Jesus walking out of the grave alive. Amazing to watch her draw it over the time and to see it develop.



Art is a personal expression of talent that captures the imagination. It is nice you were able to share it with others.

Lisa said...

Chalk artists amaze me. I did not know you did this?!?! I mean, I see you standing there in the photo beside one of your pieces but it never donged on me. You should make a you tube video of your talent. Funny, I was going to write a post on my look on art too.

Great minds think alike.

Paula said...

You have a lot of talent with your art and also your writing. I just found out on Facebook a great nephew and his wife are both artists. I've only seen him once when he was a baby. Oh and I like the joke.

Mevely317 said...

Of all the Master's talents, I think I'm most in awe of those who paint/draw. That's some honor, Mr. Campbell's bequest to you!

Love that sculpture of the sleeping bear ... amazing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Chalk artists are amazing. Years ago we had one come for our youth group and everyone loved what he did. It's a ministry in itself for sure.

Rick Watson said...

I had no idea Jack. I can do a lot of things, but art is not one of them. Jilda is very good with brush and colored pencil.