Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thinking of Places to go

I am not a good recuperation guy.  I try to do something, but soon realize, "Dude you ain't ready yet!"
SO, one of my favorite past times, when I must wait, is thinking of places we have been and WHERE to next?

We haven't done a lot of that lately because of the uncertainty of the diesel engine and the follow-ups to surgery.  But that doesn't stop this wild goose mind of mine from wandering.

One of our favorite places is the Lancaster, PA area.  The country is beautiful, we love the Amish contributions to the area, and especially harvest time and eating, fruit, fresh corn and tomatoes grown locally.

We also know a sweet lady there, Tracy who owns a great chocolate factory. As everyone knows, Sherry is a chocoholic. 

 You gotta love a lady who knows what she wants, Tracy went to work for Miesse's then (after awhile) figured a way to buy the company. The company has a great heritage, it was started in 1875.
 'Miesse's Chocolates' http://www.miessecandies.com/
Such a pleasant lady from a great family.  We knew her from her school days, when her dad was my boss and we were all stationed in Key West.

A visit to one of her outlets is always on schedule.  We love deals anyway and always look for the broken bars or errors by the pound. LOL (bags of oops!)

We can stay in the area up to six weeks at no charge, since we have two or three membership parks in that area.  It is always pleasant to just wander (driving) thru the beautiful farm land. (Note:All who wander are not lost!)

Of course visits to friends Dan & Joan from the  USN and Dallas & Marian from USMC times, are in order and maybe a Fuddruckdrs BUT always, some Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.  Now I have talked myself into a PA trip.

Sherry will always find some part of the AT that we hiked. We will climb aboard and look for Hikers. We hiked the full 230 miles of trail in PA! Hikers call it Rocksylvania, the place where boots come to die! There are thousands of little (and big) sharp rocks, where you least expect them. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: Messie Chocolate is the best, DELICIOUS no preservatives.

 1938 Jag
1967 Shelby Mustang
Putting this last, my incision is healing well. 6 days after surgery


Yaya Snaps said...

Happy you're doing well :)

Unknown said...

When I saw that horse drawn carriage I remembered our trips from Charlotte to Maryland and would see these on the road. The Amish people are very
interesting. I also like chocolate but eat dark chocolate because they
say that is healthier. If they say healthier we fall for that.

Unknown said...

PS: Incision looking good

betty said...

Incision looks great for less than a week old! That chocolate stores sounds yummy! I think I would buy the broken pieces too; probably so very tasty at a fraction of the cost!


Lisa said...

Your healing is coming along great! You are a tough one!

Now I want chocolate.

Paula said...

Looking good after such a short time. I agree all wanderers are not lost. We just came from feeding the ducks at the park. Guess they had a feast yesterday they weren't too interested in our presence.

Rick Watson said...

You know if Jilda reads this we'll be heading to Pennsylvania. I hope you're happy mister :)

Glenda said...

YAY!!!!!! Good to hear [pun intended]this news :) Hugs from Crestview, FL. We intend to be in Chobee tonight.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is getting to be that time of year when we start making plans. The roads are clear and the weather is nice once winter is over. It's hard to wait, but I'd say you have a wonderful pastime there. Seeing that fresh corn on the cob makes my mouth water for sure. I can hardly wait till there is fresh fruit and veggies on the farmers roadside stands here. Alas, that won't be for a while yet. Meanwhile things are turning green and flowers are blooming more and more so each day. I think I'm in love with Spring !

Mevely317 said...

As usual, I'm running far (far) behind!
We're not overly fond of chocolate, but I'll definitely be paying a visit to Miesse's website before the holidays. Love any chance to help support the small businessman/woman!


Pennsylvania holds a dear place in my heart too. I consider it home on so many levels. That chocolate looks scrumptious. Looks like your ear is healing nicely.