Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Road to a new right ear.

WE are so blessed, lucky and just down right happy to be back in our home.  We are now near Advance and Mocksville, NC. today will be the Pre-op appointments to talk to the anesthesiologist and the surgeon in Durham.  The surgeon is on staff at Duke, she did the last implant.  Sherry finds it hard to believe that I am looking forward to it. I am a pretty optimistic kind of guy.

Naturally there is always danger in a major operation. Yeah I know, drilling thru your skull ain't no little 'thang'. I have been made aware that in the area where they drill, the nerves that control that side of your face runs there. I could be paralyzed on that side of my face with the drill in the wrong place, among many other little things. Of course I trust Dr. Tucci, she may be a small lady but very smart and talented.

After we arrived at the RV Park, Sherry fixed her famous fish stew. WE ate and went for a 4 mile walk. This area is steeped in American History. Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania and his family later moved to this area of NC. Dan'l's dad, Squire Boone, was given a grant of 640 acres around here.  Daniel spent 20+ yrs in NC much of it here on the Yadkin River.  Our walk took us thru a couple miles of woods down to the Yadkin River.  As we walked I was thinking Daniel had hunted in this area. I knew he had canoed this area of the Yadkin.

I am amazed at myself. History was something historians were interested in, to write about.  But since I have finally grown up, Sherry and I have took pride in learning from going, seeing, touching and walking where: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Davy Crockett,  Generals Lee and Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Buchanan, FDR, Lewis & Clark and so many others have walked, talked, labored and where some died.

When we realize the enormity of what those pioneers faced to give us what we have today, we feel very small.  They gave us a great country. In my opinion, the greatest in the world. The building of a country sounds exciting until you think, when they needed flour, salt, tea or coffee they could not go to Walmart. 

I haven't mentioned it in a long time, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read this drivel. You have lots more you could be doing, so thanks for stopping by. I do read and appreciate your comments, positive or negative.  

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betty said...

Will be good to have the second surgery behind you :)

So true of those who pioneered our country; they faced tremendous hardships yet continued on!


Unknown said...

I am praying things will go well. God can take the Dr's hand and put it in the right place. I am saying a prayer that everything will go good. GOD is in control and knows how important this operation is.
Love you Brother..


Rick Watson said...

You should read 1776 by David McCullah. It is a remarkable book about our country before it became America. It's a fluke that every thing clicked otherwise we'd be having tea in the afternoons wiht biscuits (and I don't mean the kind we eat with sausage and eggs.)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love history and visiting historic places too. I've not seen all the places you have but Ohio does have quite a few too. I'll be praying all goes well with that 2nd implant. It's wonderful that you have this opportunity.

Mevely317 said...

(Working backwards here!)

Growing up, I never did care much for history; yet, I find your narratives fascinating. Betcha I'd have had straight A's if you'd become an educator.

As always, sending prayers your direction for another successful surgery!

Lisa said...

Saying a little prayer for you, Sherry and the doctor.
yum...Fish stew. Never had any but it sounds delicious!