Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A funny and stuff

There was  a Guy shopping for a lawyer, he settled on one simple question:

"Sir, what is two plus two?"

The first attorney  answers FOUR? Why do you ask?  The guy says just curious. We may talk later.

The next attorney checks his computer and past histories and comes up with the foggy answer of ‘approximately four!’ but I can check further. ....  Thanks,  and off to the third attorney.

The third attorney hearing  the question,  Smiles at the man, leans across his desk toward the future client and asks, “What do you want it to be?”

He had found his lawyer!


Okay, since there were astronauts, I have wanted to be one.  Now I really want to be one.  Did you  read about Astronaut Scott Kelly, just back from a year in space?  He grew 2" taller. I WANT TO GO. 

The problem with the Motor Home engine is a little more than I can handle.  Friend Hank came over and brought his sweet wife. we had a great visit.  Hank verified what the mechanic from British Columbia had told me. I have a bad Injector or a bad injector pump.

So, I went over to talk to Mr. Cummings.  The Service manager did not smile big, no one wants to work on a Motor Home. He said it is always hard to give an estimate on a motor home, but I would say give it 10 hours trouble shooting and repairs.  Of course my next question was what is your shop rates, without blinking he said $125 an hour.
 This Coach is our home.  So we will grin and bare it. Soooo the coach goes in next Monday. I am hoping for less than 7 hours.  (It makes me feel better).  BUT Driving it out of the shop, we can set our sights any direction, and hopefully not smoke out our fellow RV'ers, LOL.

(Some sights you never get tired of, for us it is ALL sights on the road. WE have never had a bad Trip.  Something good has always happened to over shadow any problems.)

I am smiling, because I was hoping the service manager would say the same as the last lawyer, "How much do you want it to be?"

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betty said...

LOL with the lawyer joke, though there is some truth in his answer :)

Good to get the motor home fixed, even though it might cost an arm and a leg (hopefully just one arm) but better safe than sorry especially with the amount of driving you guys do.


Mevely317 said...

First new tires, and now the injector thing-a-ma-jig? Man, RV-ing isn't quite the bargain I once thought.
... But major props to you both for managing to find the Bright Side every day.

Lisa said...

Haha. Cute post. I needed a laugh today. Thanks.
I hope the mechanic leaves you enough money in your pocket for gas.
That's really all your gonna need.

good luck!

Paula said...

Good luck with the repairs and were are you going next?

Unknown said...

That would boggle my mind to have to have something like a motor home worked on. I think I am ready to be settle and enjoy life and deal with everyday problems and hope they are not to big.