Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day #2 the unveiling of the Incision

Day two of recovery.  Sleep was rough last night, but not TERRIBLE. I did finish 'Cold  Heart' by Kellerman and I think finally got some sleep at 4:30 'til 10 this morning.

First Implant surgery in September of 2015. I did not get a protective bowl.

 Yesterdays packaging, looked very different. Neater for sure:

First incision in September 2015, I added the freehand stuff to try to clear up the implant placing.

Today's unveiling (below), the incision is smaller and neater. Less curve in the incision, that could have accounted for my discomfort last night where the opening had to be pulled back and the ear forward to get the tools in to do the job. Today the discomfort is much less. But maybe I was stubborn and took only one pain pill yesterday instead fo the three (BECAUSE I AM TOUGH! or ignorant!)

 It does appear to be a little smaller incision.
Sherry says I am still purty, and that is what counts.

Now the facts are: I am stone deaf without implant assistance but if they both work I have the latest thing on the market for the deaf and hard of hearing. One of the assistants in the surgery took time to tell me about his daughter Grace. She became deaf at three years of age and received the implants. She is now 16 and thrilled every day at her hearing.

Another man told us his wife had two implants and is thrilled.  I like good testimonials, but like anyone else, I want to see for MYSELF.  For sure, with only my one implant that I have, things are better than back in early Sept of 2015 with the best 2 hearing aids in the industry.  So of course, I am anxious to tryout TWO. 

We have been told, warned, cautioned, etc, that in the noisy environment situation, understanding, will still be nearly impossible.  

Life is good.

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Lisa said...

It does appear smaller. That's a good thing. Looks like a nice clean surgery. I'm glad you will get to hear even better now with two. You will be hearing in Stereo soon!

Get better quick!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the update.
I pray for a more restful night for you tonight.
The incision looks great, and I can't wait to read about how much better your hearing will be. Such a miraculous device. So happy for you, Jack!
We have a friend with this type of implant. He is beyond thrilled with his.

betty said...

I don't usually like to take pills but one thing I will take is something for a headache or aches and pains. I think sometimes it works better to keep you comfortable if you do take what is prescribed, especially for the first day days after a procedure. The doctors are so "stingy" sometimes with prescribing anything, but if they recommend three a day its probably for a reason like you might be in a bit of discomfort and would need that to take the edge and more off the pain/discomfort. Its just because I type reports all day that sometimes I play the part of the doctor :)

I can't wait to hear how it works; I know you'll just be thrilled to have conversation closely with family members and friends.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure that hearing about these implants could give hope to many that cannot hear. Good you are sharing your experience. There is much we don't know You are only the 2nd person I know of that have had one. It will be wonderful to be able to hear with both ears. Continued prayers for healing.

Sheila Y said...

Sorry you had a rough night/early morning. Hopefully today will be a lot better. Take it easy and get in some extra reading time. Sheila

Rick Watson said...

So no head-banging concerts for you mister :) Seriously, that must be exciting to get some of your hearing back. I know I'd be excited.

Paula said...

I'm so excited for you, can't wait to hear what you hear first. I can imagine how hard it was to sleep.

Mevely317 said...

I'm sorry to hear your incision's protesting, Jack!
To this untrained eye, it does appear smaller and neater than the first.

That's nice that one of the surgical assistants took time to share his/her personal testimony. Comforting, eh?

Unknown said...

Very interesting how this is done..Looking forward to you and Sherry returning and being able to hear. Hopefully sleep will get better...maybe you can take a nap sitting in your chair. Rest and take care of yourself while you are healing.


I am glad your recovery is going well. I'm like you. I try to tough it out without pain meds. You take care. Will be thinking about you over this holiday weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so happy and thrilled and in just a little while you will be able to hear better - a miracle!

Have a blessed Easter.