Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is one of those Good and bad things.

I am sitting here in front of MY computer. I love it.  For two days I have been without access to the net.  I felt a little lost, there was a void.  When I first talked to the young man at the repair shop, I explained our problem. The MH is sick, we live in it fulltime.  He checked with his main man, then said, "Have it here  early, before 8am and they can start and get you out soon."

WE were up before daylight and had the coach there at 7:30.

When you are getting something repaired you are sure they are in the shop  just waiting for your vehicle. We had planned to go get breakfast and come back to learn our fate $ wise. WE came back and the coach was not in the shop. AT 11am they put it in the shop. By 3pm they had some info.

 #4 injector is bad, you have a cracked exhaust manifold.  Bottom line is $2465!  (More than I expected) Can you do that today? (he looked at me like, NOW?)

He called the boss again. We can have it by noon tomorrow.

Do it.  WE still felt a void.  WE had a bed, no problem, but something was missing.

This morning we headed over to see Mr. Mechanic. Bad news, we have run into problems, since it is a motor home, it will be tomorrow before we are finished. WHAT?  I explained we were due in Durham soon and needed our home. (talk to the main man again) We can have it done by late tonight……..  Okay.

We decided to visit sick friends. We enjoyed some good visits, then we decided to go back to the empty RV port and sit in the swing and talk, one of our favorite things.

3PM: Phone rings. All the work is done(this is a couple hours since he said it would be tonight or tomorrow), but it did not fix the problem, engine still runs rough. The mechanic thinks it is a valve, the total bill will be $4200.  Want us to go ahead? (Sherry relaying the info.)  Tell them NO, we will pick up the coach in a little while.

We paid the bill, Sherry driving the Honda and me the coach.  We are now at home. Everything hooked up. Sherry looked over at me, (from across the table), “This is what I was missing, our home!”

I smiled and told her as soon as I released the air brake and put her in gear and she started rolling, I FELT GOOD. THIS is the void I was feeling, it is not a motor coach, IT IS HOME.  I cannot explain it. I hate the cost. I hate to think there is something still wrong with the engine, but I love the thought that WE ARE HOME!

flashback: Bonnie asked about our color preference. I asked Sherry her favorite color, she cannot think of one, neither can I except in outside house colors, we both prefer a tan (type) for a house, and neutral colors inside.

Nite Shipslog


The time was not wasted, we were reading some interesting books, I will talk about tomorrow.(It was only 2 days and 1 night, it seemed like a week)


1965 iMPALA SS


Lisa said...

I was getting worried when I didn't see a post from you today. I'm a little impatient I guess.
Glad you got your home back.
I have always said...."You know your in love when you take your bed with you everywhere you go".

You kids are a good team.

betty said...

I can imagine the empty feeling you guys had waiting for your home to be fixed. Glad it is back with you; hopefully it will carry you to your next adventure safe and sound!


Mevely317 said...

I was growing anxious, as well!

This post sure gives meaning to "There's no place like Home." Sweet dreams, y'all!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you do have your home back but knowing that repairs are still needed and expensive ones too is not good. Hope it all works out for the best. Here things are still upside down but I no longer have the grand kids here but my DIL's mom passed away so they will be back. There are some very trying days ahead for them.

baili said...

thank god you got back to your home sweet home finally have a blessed day

Unknown said...

Well, I don't know what to say about no favorite color! My husband's favorite color is yellow, and mine is blue or green, depending. Of course, in certain situations, I do have other favorites. Pink flowers are outstanding, and fire engines should be red.