Friday, March 4, 2016

Walking in Sherry's Hometown, Belmont

Sherry always fusses about us 'not' walking once we are here near family and friends. We are pretty regular walkers on the road, but not here. SOOOOO we have tried a couple walks and finally settled on a little over 4 miles and NO busy roads.

We start on our street, a small up grade.
 We leave the motor home and head up this grade.  
 WE pass what  call a Shetland pony. Stella loves to see him.
 We are greeted ever day with a dog I call Black eye. He runs this race about 5 times as we walk by. He never barks.
 The cars you see in the distance are 'parked in the road' they will be there for an hour, effectively stopping traffic on this road. It is mothers and dads picking up kids at school. They park there 45 minutes before school is dismissed.
 Up past the school re make a right about 2/10 of a mile we pass Flowers Court, a public housing project and start down this hill. It is much steeper than it appears. This road was not here when Sherry was a kid, and the family used to walk thru these woods to get to Grandma's house.
 Down the hill we just passed and a right turn we look down at the bluegrey roofed house. That was Sherry's Grandma's house.
 As we cross these tracks our backs are to Grandma's house. The short strip of road crossing this railroad track is named 'Chief Henson Street'. That name rings a bell, he was chief of police in Belmont and lived in the house we now own and are parked behind as I type.
 Looking to our right as we cross the tracks, there is an over pass in the distance we will cross it in about ten minutes and look back this way.
 Next we have a side walk, it goes around the city soccer fields.  If I liked walking circles we could walk around this 8 times and get out 4 miles in. But that is boring to me. I like to see something different when I can.
 Next we pass some remodeled Mill Houses. They are very nice and attractive. I always compliment the owners when they are out.
 At the end of that street we look left and see the E Belmont Presbyterian Church where Sherry's dad attended. But we turn right.
 WE always look immediately to our left at these huge Scaly Bark trees. They are about 6' at the base. Sherry's cousin, who was raised near here, says they were this size when he was a kid over 80 years ago.
 Now we cross the Bridge over the RR tracks. This is looking to out right were we crossed a few minutes ago.
 We were here one day and a lady in a city truck stopped, you could tell she was wondering what we were about? I told her we were walking to see some of Belmont's scenic sites. She laughed.  This is the sewer treatment plant.
 WE pass this plant, it is a fiber distributions center. The building must be fifteen or twenty acres.
This is the last big run a fairly isolated long road.  No side walks or houses but plenty room on the sides to get out of the way of the occasional truck or car.

 A p/u passed us. stopped and backed up . It was Pastor Joe of the Unity Baptist Church. Our Son Jack used to be his Music director, later they hired Jack's sons, Stephen and Joshua to do the music. It was always a pleasure to see Joe.  
At the end of the long stretch me turn and head up by the yellow house you see. It was once red brick and belonged to Sherry's Brother Lefty Harris, and his family. 
 The road goes down hill from here to our house.
Nearing home we see Black Eye ready to run that fence as we walk by and talk to him.
 We have walked a pleasant 4.25 miles.
Thanks for coming along.
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betty said...

It is good you guys get out and walk wherever you are at, but especially when you are at home base. I always enjoy the walks you share with us.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Enjoyed the walk and seeing the sights there. Glad you are able to get out and walk like that. My walks are getting limited here and would be surprised if I got in anymore than a mile a day. Still I can walk, so I'm grateful for that. We had more new snow on the ground this morning but they are promising it'll warm up and we'll be in the 50's next week.

Mevely317 said...

Everything looks like it's brimming to become spring!
I especially like that yellow home ... looks inviting!

Wishing you both a great day!

Jean said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. I enjoyed the site. While Grover was in the army they sold the mill houses here, but when he got out we bought one for sell. The mills always kept the houses up but who ever own this one didn't do a good job at it. We did a lot of painting and repairs before moving in. That was the first home we owned and we both were still in our 20's. We lived there six years had this house we living in now built, and sold the mill house. Some people that bought them still keep them up and they look nice, and some let them fall apart. Take care. Jean

Lisa said...

Thanks for the walk. A lot of these places look familiar to me as this is my hometown as well. I lived more on the other side of the river. A mile from Stowes Botanical Garden. Im a "Red Raider".
Love the picture of the dog running. We see one of those fence runners on our walks too however, I have to stop and pet him once in a while.

Stay safe out there.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed the walk now I am tired. I miss yesterday blog, I think you stay
up at night write..I getting a day behind. When you walk it is nice to see
different sites along the way it helps the walk be more interesting.
I was nice to see Pastor Joe.

Paula said...

Enjoyed the walk, thanks. I agree it is more fun to see different things as you walk.

Unknown said...

What a neat post idea! It was nice walking along with you and Sherry. I like Black Eye, the dog. He seems to enjoy watching you pass. The dogs on my street bark at me every time.
From the pictures, it looks like there are more downhills than uphills. Is that the case?
How long does it take to walk that route? When I time myself on an approximately one-mile walk, I am not going so fast. I attribute that to my being short.