Friday, March 11, 2016

Peanuts or some say Goobers

This year when we bought our 100lbs of Georgia Pecans, Sherry's cousin gave us a big bag of peanuts.  They had slipped my mind until I was in the motor home basement a day or two ago.

My mind went to my childhood and reminded me of some peanuts that were packaged in a small paper tube with a slip on top. A  coin  was guaranteed  in every package. It was most always a penny. But about every 'blue moon' someone found a nickel.  So we kept buying them when we had a spare nickel.

The only place I remember selling these particular peanuts was close to my Granny Lloyd's house. A kid could always count on Granny for a nickel, from that little cross snap change purse, tucked in her bra. 

Granny was a sweet old lady, probably over 60 yrs old and I thought she was a hundred. She lived in a little shotgun house. You walked into a small living room, then a small bed room and finally a small kitchen with an eating area.

Her house was surrounded by small red hills due to erosion.  But Erosion or not, they were fun to run and play on.  My memories of Granny was p-nut butter crackers. At that time crackers were the size of a slice of bread, and scored in four sections. One could break them up in singles like crackers come today or do like granny, make us a BIG peanut butter cracker. It was like a sandwich and it thrilled me to grab one and head for those red hills to play.

She lived in South Gastonia, a couple blocks from where I was born. Just across the street from the South Gastonia Church of God. She was a charter member of that church.

Peanuts have been a part of our family forever. Granny had P-nuts on their farm by their store.  Daddy grew Peanuts for a living in the first few years of marriage.

I was taught to love peanuts from 'green and moist' when they were first dug, to parched over an open fire.

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PS: I know I am getting old, but I do remember doing a p-nut entry awhile back, this is not exactly the same (I don't think).

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Unknown said...

I remember Granny making peanut butter crackers. Mother would give me a lecture when we were going to visit Granny. Do not ask Granny to make you a
peanut butter sandwich. I said OK and some way I would get around and ask her and she would make us one and it was good. She was a sweet Granny and loved

Lisa said...

Wow for a minute I thought we had the same grandma but mine lived in West Gastonia. She used to keep us some Saturdays. She had red mud hills beside her house too and we always begged to play "on the hills" she would say no until we finally had her say ok. The boys played cars and us girls made mud pies. We went home with red pants and Mad parents every time. I remember pecans more than peanuts.

I love grandmas

betty said...

Peanuts can be so addicting; can't stop with one sometimes. You have such wonderful memories from growing up :)


Paula said...

When we wanted candy and of course we didn't have any we would make our own. Mix up anything we could find. Peanut butter, a little sugar, cocoa, and a little cream for moisture. Doesn't sound so good now. lol

Rick Watson said...

I remember those crackers and yes I've had a few of them. I tried one with peanut butter and grape jelly on it. I thought it would taste a lot better, but it was an idea that didn't take wings.

Mevely317 said...

In the last year I've become addicted to those unassuming (dry roasted) nuts -- so much so, Tom's threatening to call me 'monkey.'
Your granny's cross snap change purse is practically identical to the one I carry everyday! (Mother discovered it years ago at a garage sale, and I took to carrying it to remind me of her.)

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